Boy Trouble

ok so i was always with a man i was raised where men were the boss of a home so all my life i was trying to please a man trying to keep him happy so he would stay all my life i was there for my man helping them through divorces exes deaths losing jobs losing friends losing self esteem, i was lifting them up to let them face the world with dignity an everytime it took me giving a part of me to help them then i realizedf that i had nothing left of myself to give i didnt know who i was i wqas so busy making them happy i was making myself unhappy and got lost in the process i thaught i realy found someone then it turned out i wasnt comfortable i had been repressed for so many years that i didnt know how to let go and just be me i wasalways worried about what the world thaught of me the world run by men i call this story boy troublebecause although all the guys i dated were technicaly men as defined by age they were verry imature so they wereboys as ddefined by me

misunfortunate misunfortunate
26-30, F
Feb 24, 2010