Angel Feathers Downtown

One day on his day off my husband had to go downtown to his office to fix some paper work for a staff member. My dog Bailey and I went for the ride seeing it was such a clear blue sunny day. Anyway, my husband parked in the parkade on the ground level and faced the car towards the street.

 While my husband was in the office, I sat in the car feeling sad, lonely and lost in my heart. Without a second glance I saw the biggest shadow of an Angel up against the building across the road. I looked up to the sky and there was nothing there!?! Plus, nobody even noticed this huge Angel shadow with a rather large wing span I might add. I sat there in awe. Then it starting raining white fluffy feathers all over the street, on people’s heads, on cars and buildings and still nobody noticed. I looked up again to see if there were any birds, I listened to see if I could hear any birds or anything at all that could be causing so many feathers. The answer is…the feathers were falling straight from the sky. 

I cried with gratitude in my heart and an over whelming feeling of love. I still don’t know how it was possible for nobody to see all of this when it happened in the middle of town however; I guess the message was just meant for me.

Craftmomma Craftmomma
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2 Responses Jul 28, 2007


I have had a similar experience, thanks for sharing your story!