Angel In Human Form

One day my husband and I had to go downtown to pick up something. Like everybody else I always look out my window on the passenger side to see the things I don’t get to see when I’m driving. Well as we turned off our road and onto the main road I looked at this man walking on the sidewalk except he was no man at all he was an ANGEL! I remember it well like it was yesterday the way he walked was so bold and strong. His eyes were blue like the sky with golden hair. He looked straight at me as he walked down the sidewalk. I screamed to my husband “THAT’S AN ANGEL!” He said where? I looked back and said right there but when I turned back to show him the Angel was gone? Again there was nowhere for anybody to disappear just like that in a few seconds but he did.

Craftmomma Craftmomma
36-40, F
1 Response Jul 28, 2007

I think I've seen that guy... Was he disarmingly easy on the eyes? :) That's Archangel Michael, the warrior angel. I saw him years ago, but also remember him very clearly. Actually, just thinking about seeing him, I can feel that same energy around me. He's probably around you often.