I was introduced to the world of angels a few years ago, but it was not till I saw them that my connection grew strong. On the night of my fathers cremation, I went to sleep in his room because I was missing him. As i was dozing, I saw a BIG bright flash of light. I wondered if the nightlight had shorted, but I was pretty sure there was a big bright light. My brother happened to come in and i asked him do you see any light. He thought I was just imagining it and should sleep. He went out, and then again I saw two bright flashes side to side. I believe it was both my parents. I also saw a host of floating colours..
I have seen the bright lights 2wice again. But i have see floating colour around me all the time. I also get little angel messages in the form of little feathers that come from no where.
Now i just talk to my angel all the time. And i love it !
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What if they are aliens?

Well aliens are also welcome. Aliens are not harmful. Don't get carried away by hollywood. There are a lot of beings from other star clusters. They are peaceful. It's the humans that are dangerous !

You never know
Maybe the dangerous people are aliens in disguise :)

Hmm you really think badly about aliens.. !! lol