Money's Too Tight to Mention

Even I have to cut back on non-essential spending. So far, I'm still able to afford the essentials and stay out of debt. Lucky me!

cyberkitty cyberkitty
7 Responses Feb 22, 2009

Yes, we should all recycle.

I am glad you are not in debt - that is important. I find myself doing questioning myself at the grocery - do I really need it?? I'm really trying the reduce,reuse and recycle. The money crunch is helping. That's a positive, right?? :)

I relate to you pixelita, I will earn a bonus and think of what I can pay off and a car will break down. I am just thankful I got the mone to pay for it. I tell myself, GOD doesn't dish out more than I can handle but sometimes I feel like I am right on the edge.

I'm in the same position...seems just when I think I am going to get ahead something happens and I am back where I started.

All we can hope for is having the bills paid and a little food on the table. Oh and an internet connection!

I 2nd that. Here here.x

Lucky indeed!