When Work Takes Over Your Life

Every time I get really into my job I feel that my work starts taking over my personal life. My hours get longer and I find myself thinking about work problems all the time. I think its great that I can get so excited about work that my work is enjoyable rather than a chore, but I also think that all comes at a cost - losing touch with friends, exercising less, not spending enough time on my hobbies...

Right now I'm young and single so it's ok. But I'm afraid when I get married and have kids that my work-style will get in the way of spending meaningful time with my wife and kids. I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

EPJulio EPJulio
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1 Response Jul 8, 2007

Hey,<br />
Like you, I tend to get lost in things like work and school. I'm really passionate about my studies, but I feel that I lose sight of other important things. <br />
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There's one side of me that wants to say, take a step back and discover what's really important to you in your life, but I feel I would be a hypocrite for saying that because I'm some-what in your same situation. However, I think you are right whenever you say that only time will tell what will prevail in life.<br />
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Then, the other side of me says that it's excellent that you enjoy your job and that you feel passionate about it. We live in a society where many people either hate their job, or simply hate working. It's a rare breed whenever someone loves what they're doing.<br />
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So, once again, I haven't really offered a solution. (Hey, I'm in this group too.) Yet, you're right, we're young. I like to think that whenever, in the far, far future, that I find that person they will either be like me, or will understand me...at least to a good extent.<br />
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If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right? Haha...