This Is Struggle

Working full time and raising three kids while attending college.  Trying to get the kids in bed and do bills, laudry cleaning, cooking and studing for the kids.  Having an ex that lives out of state to take no pressure off you and just feeling pulled at every angle.  That is the balance work and life stuggle.
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My dear dear woman you are a fantastic women. really when you think about it you have a really good life. you have healthy children and you have a job and you are well. i think about being a better person and you amaze me by doing all these things and you are a wonder woman and i give you 110% out of 100%. keep up the good job.

Seriously, I'm impressed you'd even attempt it. Let's be honest, there's nothing balanced about it. I admire your strength.

What a wonderwoman you are. I congratulate you on loving your life as well as being aware its constraints. The secret is to realize it is not BALANCE but INTEGRATION. It is not physically possible to have perfect balance but you can integrate and get off your case.<br />
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There are a few ways to slow down time, yes that's right you can slow down and speed up time (think about it 10mns on the dentist's chair can feel like an eternity right?) yet it's only 10mns. The way I slow down time is to take 5 or 10mns of quiet time to close my eyes and breathe. that's it. those 10 mns will feel like an eternity especially if you are not used to it. Watch yourself, as you relax it will feel 60mns and you will be replenished. <br />
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The other trick is to track your thoughts. I learned this from a dear friend of mine who is battling breast cancer, dealing with her treatments/chemo/radiation while being a live in caretaker for 2 elderly women who suffer of mental disorders. To handle it all she tracks her thoughts. "they are like wild animals and can go everywhere I don't have 10ms, I can't do that, I can't believe I'm late etc..." The minute they start she chooses to not go down that wormhole and stays present and mindful to the task she is doing. She just stops "snap out of it!"<br />
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Both of these require discipline but they really help.

Your both kind. I guess I was just ranting yesterday. I would not trade my life for one minute. Of course it would be nice to watch TV and somedays I just feel so overwhelmed. Every minute of the day that I am away I feel rushed to get from A to B and the kids being at the ages they are really do not understand what it is like for me. I run around all the time. Life is about them and do not get me wrong. I would do anything for them. I am just in the need of a good vacation :)

well said. I hope you find some relief in this community-- lots of people here understand (at least some of) what you are going through. And I'm sure your kids appreciate you beyond words.

Bless you. I can't even imagine it. You must feel like every moment in your life is accounted for.