My life has never been very balanced--I've always put achievement before relationships. I always told myself it was a big sacrifice but I was doing it to be successful. More recently I've realized that I use achievement and a focus on work (at the expense of "life) to shield myself from people. If I never get really close to others, then I'll never be hurt or rejected. But it's pretty lonely like that and in the last few months I've really started working on NOT putting people last. I'm really glad that my friends have put up with me flaking out for so long when I had a project or test or fierce desire to work out every day. I owe them a lot and hope to become a better and better friend through this process~!

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You're quite fortunate to have realized this so early on in life. It IS correctable. <br />
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I have a 45 yr old friend who is realizing this about herself. At her age she's finding change a bit more difficult than had she discovered this earlier on. She's a very sad, depressed and lonely woman with MANY health issues despite all her successes and achievements.<br />
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To me? If you have no one to share success and achievement with, how much is that success/achievement truly worth?<br />
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GOOD FOR YOU! You'll be a better person for it in the long run!

Great that you recognized that and have been able to start testing it out. Thanks for sharing!