There's More to Life Than Just Work!

Just yesterday I was in tears because of having to work. What brought it on was the fact that my husband was looking for a package of batteries, and none could be found anywhere in our house, though we know we have bought some.

Immediately, my thoughts were, "I'm the woman of this household. It is my job to take care of our things in the house. I am supposed to be more organized than this. I should be able to tell him where the package of batteries are."

But the truth is, I work nights, I sleep all day until my husband comes home, and then I spend time with him until I go to work. When would I have time to organize the house?

Spending time with my family is so much more important to me than going to work, so I am not going to give up the few hours that I have with them each day before going to work. On my days off, I spend even more time with them, and I do some household chores, like the laundry and the dishes, but then I also want to relax and have fun on my days off. So nothing else around the house ever gets done.

I actually feel guilty whenever I go to work, like I'm neglecting my home. The only reason why I went to work was because my husband needed my help financially with the bills. I am glad that I am able to help him, and I tell myself that I'm doing the right thing by going to work, but even if I can convince my mind of that, my heart still believes I should be at home.

I just feel it, deep down inside, that I should be at home with the family that I have and I also think that I should become a mother. That is my heart's desire. I could take such good care of my family and my house, if it weren't for work taking up so much of my time.

Face it, work gets all my energy, and I have very little left over for my family and even less for the upkeep of my house.

RaggedyAnn RaggedyAnn
26-30, F
Jul 21, 2007