Insomniatic At Best

Well I used to be the kind of person who could go to bed at 11, or at least midnight, but lately I've been surprising myself. Last night I got poor quality sleep, so I assumed it would be no problem to sleep tonight. Around 9:30 or 10 I started getting so tired I just had to lay down and stay in bed, on the internet of course, but I thought by at least 11 or 12 I'd be in bed. Well, needless to say I warmed up some left over pizza, started watching tv, and made some brownies with peanut butter chips, and here I still am a few hours later. I know quite a few people who have it, come to think about it, but this is becoming a real problem for me, especially since I work (even though its only part-time) and have a pretty active lifestyle at times. I've tried taking a bath/shower around 20 to 30 minutes before bed to get relaxed and in the mood to sleep, and that seems to help sometimes, but not always, and try to avoid any form of caffeine a few hours before bed, yet nothing really helps. I don't really think I want to take or am in need of any sleeping pills. So what I was wondering is, does anyone else have this problem, where they are tired but they end up staying awake and end up kind of becoming more alert and awake? Or don't go to bed until wee hours of the night and sleep partly through the afternoon, because on my days off and weekends if I don't have plans this is usually what I do. Also was wondering if anyone used to have trouble sleeping (insomniatic symptoms) and then outgrew it or was just a phase for them? I would love to hear your thoughts/opinions/tips for sleeping better or going to bed earlier. All would be appreciated. Thank you :)
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Omg I have the same problem but I used to just after trying to sleep I couldn't fall asleep I would text my old best friend till me or her fell asleep