Night Owl

I stay up way late.  I got on a weird schedule cramming for tests at night in highschool as a teen and love watching t.v. reruns and marathons late night the best shows are on. I used to work the midnight shift. I can't sleep unless i'm really tired. I love going to late night parties and hook-up with girls and date only at night. I also love peeing in bushes late at night and having sex at 2 am.
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22-25, M
2 Responses Aug 13, 2007

Just about anything hun.

omg. wow. that last part was pretty funny!... <br />
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anyhow i'm all for the parties, but the sex sounds better. lol <br />
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love those all night marathons especially on Saturday nights.<br />
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and i completely understand not being able to go to sleep too early unless you're tired and i've worked the night shift before i actually got a grrreat job!<br />
another thing in common_<br />
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hey, so what shows were your faves?