Need Help Please Someone What Is Wrong With Me? :(

I struggle to how my feelings to people. I find it soo hard to open up and tell people how I feel. I struggle to be intimate with my partner of 3 years due to such lack of confidence and self esteem. When with friends I can't talk about my emotions without feeling embarrased and self consious. My relationship with my partner is suffering and crumbling away becuase he doesn't feel close to me and I love him so much. I hate myself right now and feel like I'm at a dead end. I feel soo lost and lonely like there is something wrong with me. I don't know what to do and I need soneones help and advise please! :( :( ;(
P0ppybird P0ppybird
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2 Responses Aug 9, 2010

Thank you so much for this, I have done the Myers-briggs test and it has shown i am an ISFP, reading the description of it, i feel as though it was written for me personally. I have never heard of this before and im so shocked that more people are not aware of it. I feel relieved and hope that it can help me get past these feelings, I dont know how but know there is something to back up how I am and the way I feel i dont feel as though im being stupid and pathetic. I just need to figure out what to do about it now and try and fix it. Thank you so much :) really thank you :)

I totally understand how you feel and have recently started seeing a relationship counsellor for advice on opening up and communicating my feelings better, I have also taken a free online personality test, myers-briggs mbti test and found I am an ISFP. It may not make much sense at the mo but if you look it up and take one, it sounds like you may get a similar result to myself, it helped me understand why i'm like i am, that has then helped me accept myself more and look for ways I can change a bit. Good luck x