Revelation Of Self

Recalling my adolescent years occupied in high school,that past was my awakening.Everyone (just about,no bragging intended) at school came to know me as "crazy" due to my strange behavior.During my first year,a question was asked that I was never asked about before."Why do you do that?" another may inquire.Quite frankly,I had no idea because I've never pondered of it.I'd always answer "for fun" to mask the ignorance.The journey wasn't omnipresent in the days that passed ever so swiftly;the same question came with the equivalent reply.Gradually,the desire of a solution ascended within the skull of thought.

To define a person.Quite a perplexing adventure to embark upon,this was.What components create(or creatED) the product of a persona?That I have yet to answer,if ever.However,I have discovered a concept applicable to all(including myself):

A person cannot be defined

I say this due to the fact that an individual can only experience so many things in existence before passing away.To establish what one "is" in a definition of their term(being their name) is limited to what they have been through in life.For example,my friend boldly stated that he would never consume drugs;a couple years after the claim,he ended up abusing various substances.From there,with help from his family,he started his spiritual quest of sobriety.One may still define themselves in the present,but it is only a temporary status that is susceptible to inevitable transfiguration.Ranging from subtle to immence degrees,we are all changing.What it might be differs in the seemingly infinite spectrum of triggers.

Since it has came to be in my perspective,I have believed.A personality is subjected to as much chaos as matter;though one sees a cigar in a general sense(being that it is uniform in composition),it's actual form is indefinite and perpetually changing in the specific sense.I accept that my Self is indefinite and continue to find pieces of the factors responsible for my synthesis.



Kurainia Kurainia
18-21, M
1 Response Mar 2, 2010

I think that if you look back, some things about yourself never change even though other things about you do. I think that once you are an adult, as time goes on, you change less and less, because you are happy and satisfied with who you are and have arrived at the true you--you're comfortable in your identity. While my self-concept has changed over the years, for the last 4 or 5 it has stayed the same, only now I am working out some psychological issues so that in the future I might change from negative to positive. But my core personality has remained the same, what took a long time was to find out where I stand and belong in relation to other people and my place in the world, and be able to give a name to it, explain it, understand the origins.