It's Not That I Don't Try, Either

I have tried setting time aside every day for prayer and meditation.  It's something I learned to do from my father -- he does it faithfully each and every day and you can see how much it helps him.

There have been times, (like when I was living with my last boyfriend!) when I didn't do this.  It was too difficult, too draining, to do it with him around, when he would whine too much and too often for me to get any real meditation or contemplation accomplished.

Then, when I was living alone, I tried to do it but my mind would wander too much, jump too much, when it would refuse to allow me to examine my own thoughts.

Now I am back to doing it pretty regularly... it grounds me... it reminds me to look at my thoughts and my actions... to be aware of them...

To allow my mind to quiety down.

But it can be difficult.

SaratogaGirl SaratogaGirl
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3 Responses Jan 5, 2010

Totally understand, Fungirl.... a quiet place where you cannot be interrupted is totally necessary! Good luck with this! I found that once I started on this I now cannot see living without it... it has become like air or water to me.<br />
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As for what "kind" of meditation I do, it is meditation that I have taught myself. It works for me. I agree Zotz, that it would help many people -- but so would simple better manners. Good luck to all of us on that one! LOL!

Sara, I finally just started going into the closet each day to do mine because I could never get completely alone and quiet. I put an old wooden school chair in there and every day I go in there and close the door away from the world and take that meditation time for myself.

Hello, SaratogaGirl!<br />
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Meditation is very healthy and soothing. I'm impressed that you learned this from your Dad. What kind of meditation do you do? Is it attached to some particular kind of group, like TM? If everybody meditated, this would be a better world. Take care!<br />
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