My friend and I were just talking about this yesterday. We were having a debate about something and she asked me why I don't look he in the eyes. I told her because it makes me feel uncomfortable and it makes me feel that she can she what I an thinking. She told me that other people can interpret  it as either being rude or that I am ignoring them. I'm honestly not trying to do either. Then of course we started to debate about looking into people's eyes when you talk and she began to stare intently into my eyes, which was totally weird. I don't know why I don't look people in the eye. I simply find it uncomfortable. It feels like the other person can see something inside you that you don't want them too and you can't see in too them.

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1 Response Mar 4, 2010

yeah well put. i've always interpreted it as a sign of my own weakness, insecurities etc. but i think there are high esteem people who also struggle with this. there is just something eerie about it. it shouldnt be interpreted as rude all the time. it feels healthy to me. *smile* bf.