Just Waiting

I so wont to trust ..  the old fears drifting in  ... out .... in ... etc .. .. I struggle to trust only because i have my own trust issues on the line...

I'm just waiting for the man to appear ... WHERE IS SUPERMAN ??? SPIDER MAN ?? AQUA MAN ?? MARINE BOY ???

Oh thats right i wouldn't know because of their super ego's....

Girl says" Where are you going ??"  um says the man " would you believe i need to save the world and carry people from a burning building and pose for pictures in the local paper ??"  

Sure sweetie... whatever... you go do that (sigh) my hero !! 


Trust ..... PPPPFFFTTT !!  Whatever

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24 Responses Jul 12, 2007

Trust is a major part of friendships & relationships.... my Question is ... do you go into these with Trust or does that come later ?

Girl i can relate to you ... I believe about two sentences that comes out of a mans mouth . and the rest is coming out his ***!!! I couldnt trust a man if my life depended on it i dont think .

hahaha hehe I agree

I think it just goes to show... you can never trust a man to stay on topic ;)

So not only is the mind a terrible thing to waste .. the body can and should be used for food prep !! Where have i been ?? :)

Getting out doesn't sound like an awful idea. How about... you move again!!!!!!!! And look, wine comes out of nose, and forehead makes perfect pancakes! Amazing. o_O

hehe and here i was complaining i need to get out more !!.. Geepers ... < insert sound of forehead slap here >

Well, it *would* add a new meaning to "convenience" store. Your one stop shop for grossly overpriced, low quality goods with a nearly infinite combination of sugary and fatty junk food! Plus, stimulating and meaningful conversation :P :(

HAR hehe I'll just knock on the door ... never know .. could end up being very handy :P<br />

Well, that's torn it then. Got any tape? Or do we need to go 'borrow' some from the service station? :/

hmmm ... ok

Well, I guess that depends. I'd really like to return this coffee, which has not only the potent nose of an aged wine, and the pungency of tinea stomped grapes, but also has these mysterious four foot long nasal hairs in it. Sure woke me up, but not the way I'd hoped! Correct change is no compensation for that :(

Oooooo i sound like a dream come true !! haheheha

hahaha - you're a one-woman, all-beverage dispensing machine! Who always hands out the correct change!!

AWW Come on !! Im on coffee now .. it burns !!

What's this? Wine oozing out of your pore and snoz? Telling yourself to be human? Living in outerspace? I SUSPECT YOU ARE AN ALIEN. A one-eyed 7 ft tall alien who oozes wine! Well, you were right about that servo guy not being the "fussy type"!

HA and upon being a door to door sales rep for wine do i say " So... do you like the tart taste of Freshly foot Crushed or the Sweet taste of Nose ? " hmmm

THE PICKING YEARS??!?!?!? o_O AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That's it. Quit stalking servo guys and become a door-to-door wine saleswoman. Freshly bottled, on your doorstep, or if you prefer, '97 was a much more snotty vintage. I mean... snooty! Snooty!

( ACK ) trying to make me sick ... ??eww Although im sure there are some people who would love a nice drop of nose dribbles.... call it " The Picking years " remembered and bottled for your pleasure "

More wine... and tissues.... this can't end well! Although, that said, if it's a good drop that's coming out, why look a gift horse in the mouth? Get yourself an empty bottle to collect it in!

Har It didnt feel right either !! hasnt happened for years ... funny !! laughed so hard... Loved it !! Going to get me another (wine)... and some tissues ( Just in case )

You do know that's not normal right? I think if any more wine comes out of your nose, you should see a doctor. Just not.... a male one!

( Cough Cough Splutter ) Wine just came out my nose !! HAR DE HAR HAR !!

You can trust me, I work in a service station...