Past Experiences

past experiences have led me to have trust issues with men. one guy cheated on me and another coloured my idea of men forever, if a guy touches me and i dont expect it i will flip out.

I have however found one guy i can trust, my boyfriend. so they do exist

RebeccaStrN RebeccaStrN
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3 Responses Jul 12, 2007

I know, but it wasn't so much the cheating that caused the trust issues, it just compacted them. its more that a guy raped me, and even though i know its not something most men would ever dream of doing, i do still have issues, and probably always will. i dunno that unless you've been there you can fully understand, but you never want to let it happen again so you keep your distance.<br />
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I know women cheat, and i think about as much of them as i do blokes that cheat.

Trust is so important ... my ex cheated and told me .. i stayed .. stupid ... he did it again & again .. text messages .. late nights .. promises, promises and then said it was because i wouldnt be intimate with him !! I said YOUR KIDDING !! You did it and yet your telling me its because of ME !! ...... Stupid #### the trust had gone & so was I ... <br />
I feel so much better now :)

It is good that you found someone to trust :-)