In God We Trust - All Others Pay Cash

I used to think that trust should be earned.  I essentially trusted nothing - not God (was an atheist) not my parents, not society, not government, and most of all - not myself.  It was only in learning to trust myself that I became willing and able to trust others, indeed, as I developed faith in myself I began to notice that other people were becoming much more trustworthy!  Now I assume that people are trustworthy until proven otherwise.  I do get burned now and then, but not often - and I've noticed that frequently people's behavior rises to the occasion.
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How do one trust themselves?

How do one trust themselves?

How do one trust themselves?

For me, neediness has played a role in this. I used to really need everyone to like me - lacked confidence - so I made myself a "mark" for untrustworthy people. Today, I'm not very motivated by the opinions of others. This makes me far less vulnerable to the sleaze-merchants of life.

I applaud you. I've been cheated in business to the point where I was driven OUT of business - and had to spend years rebuilding. I had a car stolen - a new car. There are definitely creeps out there, but I refuse to let them spoil my fun. That said, it pays to use good judgment about who one associates with - some folks have trouble written all over them.

Beautifully expressed!

I have found that as a rule strangers are kinder than intimates. We've all been burned, and it's a natural instinct to recoil. But somebody has to trust first, somebody has to be the bigger person. Living without trust ain't much good.

Its so true, hey, that when you trust yourself, others seem more trustworthy-- we are in a stronger position to take care of ourselves if it doesn't work out. :)

By choosing to trust, you are actively deciding to interact on a nobler playing field, it is empowering.