I Need Help Now Please

when i had my divorce in 06 my doctor give me anti dep..and clonozapam he also gie me a sleeping pill name serequel oh i need help to get off them
everymonring i take 1millgram of clonozapam, because if i do not take it i feel i cannot function, and i cann do my job or people will be looking at me as thoug i am crazy
kamelah kamelah
46-50, F
1 Response May 9, 2012

Getting of benzo diazapan is hard I know I just got of Xanax myself . But you can do it slowly decrease your dose and in a month or so stop . I know how you feel . But I got of of them and it took a week from my last pill till I felt OK . Don't drink caffeine . Good luck . I was on Xanax for 3 years . But I quit you can also