We're Both Addicted.

My live-in boyfriend and I are both addicted to Vicodin. We have a 10 1/2 month old son together and this us been going on since he was born. I got painkillers after his birth. 3 weeks after he was born, my boyfriend fell from a roof and suffered a terrible back injury. He was getting Vicodin and we were sharing them. He stopped getting them because that was the only way he'd be released back to work being a utility construction worker. So we start buying them off the streets. We both are taking 8 a day give or take. Usually my boyfriend takes quite a few over what I do. No matter how many we buy we always have to go back and buy more every day. He makes awesome money but you wouldn't know it because we spend all of our money on pills it seems. Were constantly late on rent among other bills. The stress is really getting to me. I know its getting to him too. Were tired of being a slave to this. We've tried numerous times to quit but always end up right back to them. To the rest of the world we appear to be a nice young couple whose very much in love and totally has it together. Nobody knows about this addiction we share. We both want so bad to be the same normal happy family we appear to be, just without the drugs and without always running out of money and having to borrow money.
We are VERY much in love and plan to get married. Problem is, my engagement ring needs another $1000 to be paid off and how can we do that if we can barely put food on the table sometimes? We can't move on with our life Ans have a happily ever after if we don't kick this habit. We desperately need help, but could never tell anyone close to us avou
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I was actually going to say the same thing the last person said. If you have tried stopping and experience withdraw symptoms, then you are to the point of needing assistance because the addiction has become bad. I was in the very same situation, had a son by c section and was addicted to the painkillers, except I had a previous problem with them before I was pregnant but stopped upon learning of my pregnancy. Anyway, get a c section and all kinds of pills are thrown your way and I was hooked fast again. I got on suboxone, it saved my life and my sons. It will save yours!

How long have you bin on them ? Do you get sick without them ? If yes your addicted . I suggest getting on bup renophine . It will keep you from getting sick . In any case good luck hope you can stop I was in the same boat not long ago . Listen your going to loose your kid if you don't stop trust me deal with it now before you loose all you have . Again I wish you luck and I pray for you .