I'm A Pill Popper...

I'm a pill popper. No i'm not proud. I know what i'm doing to my body. I will pop any kind of pills. I wishh crush any kind of pills if it gets me high. I like the rush. My parents were never really there..well my mom wasnt..my dad is caught up in his girlfriend. He doesnt realize it. I pop pills i will inject too. I'm a teenager...i want help but i can't stop, i'm perscribed to adderall 30 mg xr. I'm perscribed to citalopram generic form of celexa. I'm perscribed to percocets. I'm perscribed to prozac. I'm perscribed too methadone. Etc. But it's crazy. Nobody is here for me to support me or guide me. I can't do this alone...
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My thoughts are with you

I understand what you are feeling, pills take that empty void away, taking them and waiting for the rush and then all the sudden it hits you and makes you feel so amazing, I get it. You look young so the only thing I would advise is to get to a rehab clinic, most states have free ones especially if you are a teenager. This addiction doesn't go away, it will be a life time struggle, and if you are shooting up you can seriously just ask your Dad for a body bag. I lost my best friend to this,she started her habit as a teen as we all do, she had a baby got clean and then had another, then her depression came back and she was all alone ( in her mind) and she started up again, eventually the pills started being not enough to get high, she started shooting Heroin again for the first time in years, she died with her baby in the room and wasn't found for 3 hours. Now she's gone and two little girls have to live without a mother. Depression sucks, it sucks to feel alone, like no one cares about you, but the only way to stop it is to love yourself. Don't rely on anyone to make you happy but you. Find something you like to do and make time for it, go to school, you have a very long life ahead of you with some amazing experiences you still have plenty of time to make. Do it for you, know you are someone special and don't let life take control of you. I

Maybe you can talk with a guidence counselor at school, they maybe able to help with telling your dad and getting you help. Atleast you admitted to having a problem. That is the first step to recovery.

Try getting of methadone and on to bup renophine less of a problem . And how are you prescribed perks and methadone ? Are you prescribed methadone for pain ? Anyway take it from a life long drug addict the sooner you kick the better chance you will have at staying off it . Your opening a door that with time is hard to shut .. good luck

My doctor perscribed me both of them to see how i would react!! And r u still one??...thank you...i appreciate it

I kicked bup renophine about 9 months ago . And kicked Xanax a month . Hard but worth it . Again good luck treat yourself to life

you should tell your dad about your problem, and tell him you need to go to a treatment center.

I'm scared too...I'm scared he might think of me different. And he knows for a fact i'm doing drugs he just hasn't caught me in the act of doing them...and he hasn't seen me doing them...he knows something is up he used to be police officer..but i'm scared he might think of me different..don't get me wrong i want help..but i don't think i can afford help...