I use to smoke a lot of meth and pop pain pills and xanax like candy, but the past three months I have been almost completely clean aside from weed or some shrooms/LSD. Now I've discovered Ketamine and I've been in a haze ever since.

How does one go about living life sober? I am only a teenager yet I wanna blow my ******* brains out if I'm sober and with this ketamine absolutely nothing bothers me. I don't care about ****. It makes me a little paranoid, but not as much as meth

I just wanna feel happy without spending my entire paycheck :(

TheJungle TheJungle
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3 Responses Aug 14, 2012

I was addicted to duragisic pain patches. Got myself off it by replacing it with a gram of meth a day. But was hard. Each time i lowered my opiates i would increase the meth. I once tried ketmine in place of my pure. Ha. Its crazy stuff . Im so sorry u r going through this :(

Damn your at my point...

I used to do xanax about 15 times a day, i couldn't go anywhere unless i had it. it got so bad i started snorting it in church. now i'm somewhat clean, i still smoke weed. I hope your addiction gets better and life feels good sober for you :)