I Have Been Where You Are

I am an addict in recovery.  Prison saved my life. I never thought I would want to tell a police officer thank you for putting me away - but I am so grateful.

I know alot of people think it's cheating to go to prison, but this wasn't my first time in prison - the first time I went to prison - I talked about using the whole time, even had left some stuff to use when I got out... and that very day I got let loose - I used.

This time, something changed... I don't want to go back to prison, I don't want to die early... I don't want to use and become that person I was when I was actively using...

I came across a picture - from when I was getting high - OMG I never dreamt I looked that bad.  I used to think it was okay to get high because I WAS AN ADDICT... and that somehow that made me above the law... what a joke.

Now I enjoy everyday... even the days when pain cripples me - at least I can remember what I did the next day.  I have some stories I could tell - that would make you RUN screaming away from drugs...

you want to hear them let me know...

or you can check out my webpage:



ps. been clean almost 2 years

did 6 months in jail
41-45, F
4 Responses May 4, 2007

Congratulations on not only being published, but on being a
survivor of your addictions. You go girl !! I'm In recovery too.

Wow! Your story inspired me. Thanks for sharing.

I see this story was written in '07 but I hope you still see this. I am also a clean addict that had lost everything a few times. My adult daughter now suffers and will be doing time. Thank you for your words because I really needed to hear them right now. I pray all is well for you today.

Type your comment herI myself struggle with the grip of addiction. Have been a addict for over 16 years. Meth. I had 21 months clean and have begun to use again. I have two children and other issues that continually challenge me and my will power. Have been to prison and all that. Have lost it all time and time again. I hate its grip that it has on me. It wraps its ghostly fingers around you and chokes the life, love and ambition right out of you. Your words are inspiring but seem so far away to me now. Wish I was there again in the light. But I have again begun to sink into the tunnel of darkness. You can read my story under "I am addicted to meth". This is the group that I recently started.

I know what yr talking about. That horrible wanting sux u in. Then the guilt only a parent can feel is pain beyond belief