No Addicts Are Happy, They Only Pretend.

There is no such thing as happiness when you are an addict. You can put on a happy face and have fun with your friends, but none of it is real. Never feeling normal again is the price you will always have to pay.

I have done the same routine for so long that I don't think there is anything I can do to ever be better again. For over a decade now my life has revolved around drugs and alcohol, and for someone who is only 27 years old...well it's pretty sad.

I haven't used heroin in any form in a few months, and haven't stuck a needle in my arm in about 6 months. At the end of the day though it really doesn't matter, the drinking and cocaine use will most likely ever end. Even smoking weed seems like a problem anymore.

I just want to be better again. Have a real relationship, a normal relationship, and not have to feel so sad and pathetic anymore. I just don't think I have what it takes to revamp my life after all this time. I feel that there is n hope and this will be my ultimate demise.
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Have you looked into rehabs? son is going into a gov't funded facility in jan.

thats true especialy when come down or have nothing i Smoked meth the last 3 years b4 that i drank for 3 year in middle did whatever got hands on.......I went rehab stayed clean 6 months then relapsed I realized why use in first place and that wats helping me stay clean im 3 weaks clean now if someone brings meth around me ill prolly have a hard time saying no .................good luck best of wishes you may not be happy or like your self but what I read about you thus far I like you and want the best for you

Good luck! I spent 8 years intoxicated the entire time, and have spent the last 6 years only drinking and smoking weed once in a while. If I can do it you certainly can. You've already made HUGE strides, just keep taking little steps :)

Good luck man. My friend used to use heroin, he finally kicked it and is doing great now. He totally turned it around. You have to try to quit many times before quiting drugs and alcohol finally sticks.

Never ever ever ever ever give up! ( or else i will hunt you down!) :)

there is hope, but only if you really want to change your life, you and only you can make the decision to clean up your act. I have a niece addicted to herione, and still chooses to drugs above family and friends. I hope you find it within yourself to pull yourself up and get clean, and stay that way.