My Life Of Addictions

I started to become addicted to antidepressants since 16 yo. When I was 21 I traveled abroad and there in England I really started a life of addiction. I began smoking cigarettes, it's been 7 years that I am a smoker, then I came across Marijuana and bagen to smoke regularly. Meeting some guys I started to hang out with them and use other kind of drugs, I used around 10 pills of ecstasy every weekend and then LSD, ketamine, alcohol and cocaine. I decided to quit, it lasted 7 months when I met a guy who was addicted to crack and heroine, then I became addicted too. After a year I managed to get out and get clean...until I enter the first Casino in my life, yes, I began to gamble and became a very compulsive gambler, I lost everything I had.
With nothing left I got a job where I met a guy addicted to speed, and guess what? I became addicted too. I am still an addicted to amphetamines (which I take on regular basis) and antidepressants + cigarettes (a lot). I know I'll just get out of this hole when I'm dead, I can't live without substances in my brain, it's just impossible.
rikkbb rikkbb
26-30, M
Dec 3, 2012