And Now The Downside

Yes I am looking over my shoulder.

Yes the lyrics on the radio (xm to be specific) are talking to me. As if choreographed

Yes I realise that I'm providing entertainment for many of you when I'm high. And a few of you that encourage me to get higher just want witness a tragedy. It's okay.

Yes I need sleep and fluids.

Yes I need help.

Yes I help others.... But I can't seem to help myself.

Yes I am a professionally employed man.

Yes I am getting away next weekend instead of getting high. Haven't decided where but it be somewhere relaxing.

Yes I am addicted to stimulants. Specifically Disco Multipurpose Solution (aka mdpv...aka synthesized meth+molly+coke)

I don't know where it ends...
JoeyLovesYou JoeyLovesYou
36-40, M
1 Response Dec 9, 2012

Most on here do.... thanks. Brain is coming back. Joints are locking up. Muscless are not contracting.