The Gap Between More And Enough Never Closes

It's a ****** day. A rehab friend had her last relapse. She's was 19 and couldn't stay away from the H.

I have to resist the the temptation to pay a special final visit to her pimp/boyfriend.
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My name is Katie, I came across your story on this website. I work for a production company called TV Girl Productions. We are currently casting for a TV Series called "True Life; I'm addicted to Pills." The show has helped many people in the past and allowed others to share their story to help anyone else in their position. If it is something you or maybe someone you know would consider please message me.

I got my own vice with the synthetic stimulants so I understand the addiction part.

Heroin, man. Like playing with fire. It's unfortunate but perhaps you might find some solace in knowing her death likely was very peaceful. Still, it's a shame.

sorry to hear about your friend......
I know that this may sound harsh but at least her bf cant hurt her anymore
stay strong

It means she died from a heroine overdose. It also means that she sold herself with the help of her bf so they could not be dope sick everyday and I'd like put him in the ground for hurting her.

But we all have issues...

what does this mean?