Having Anxiety

Kay-o. I'm having some serious anxiety and just desperately needed to post because I hate talking to people who know me. Haha. I want to get out of this ************* town. It's eating me up. I feel like slicing myself open again just because it helps. Hah. Anyway, Thank you for listening.
Kthnxbai Kthnxbai
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no problem. i dont particularly like where i am at either. I deal with my anxiety through meditation and it works amazingly and also take small dose of clonazepam twice a day,either way dot slice youll destroy your beautiful skin!!!

your welcome...
have u tried using S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Management And Recovery Training)?
SMART uses a technique called the ABC's
A = Activating events - what causes you to feel like hurting yourself...
B = Beliefs (irrational) - what do you believe will happen...
C = Consequences - what will actually happen if you do hurt yourself!...

I haven't used that before, no. But I'll try next time.. Thank you

just remember the A,B,C's
if you ever need to unload your problems/worries/anxieties, all you have to do is inbox me

Thank you. Sorry, last night I just got off. Almost decided to cut, but I ended up just throwing up. It wasn't purposeful, my stomach just started hurting and it just came up. I've haven't felt like that in so long.