Eyes that never close. 
Jittery heart beats. 
Anxious to face the real world. 
Peace is her only wish. 
Paranoia at its most elegant.
As she sits on a leather throne 
Surrounded by saints and judges. 
With a false appearance of calm. 
Any day could be her last. 
Alissabella Alissabella
22-25, F
3 Responses Jan 12, 2013

My name is Katie, I came across your story on this website. I work for a production company called TV Girl Productions. We are currently casting for a TV Series called "True Life; I'm addicted to Pills." The show has helped many people in the past and allowed others to share their story to help anyone else in their position. If it is something you or maybe someone you know would consider please message me.

Don't change a thing. You have a talented way with words.

I liked it one of the few here I feel is actually good I just have one suggestion change saints and judges to saints and sinners