No More Bath Salts, No More Sick Thoughts, It Is Terrible

Can't write much, brain is still mushy.

My last run with the MDPV (bath salts) about killed me. 8 days later and I can walk upright and my eye sight is almost back. My brain still mush.. There is a price to be paid for that kind of high. I don't want to pay it anymore.

A few days of 2hour long ******* is not worth it.

Consider this:
When I was locked inside my head, When I was lost in a maze of doubt, You called my name and woke me up, You called my name and led me out, And when I chased one more mirage, 'Til I was tired and parched again, You gave me one more cup to fill, And sent me one more desert rain
JoeyLovesYou JoeyLovesYou
36-40, M
3 Responses Jan 18, 2013

Thank you for sharing. I would like to hear more about your experience with mdpv. It is a nasty drug that can make you lose your mind for life. Did you have a lot of hallucinations or psychotic episodes or anything?

Fyi... The lyrics aren't mine. They are from the song, 'I'm Alive'. The reality before the lyrics is mine.

Stay clean. This is beautiful.