I'm On My 3rd Day Off of Strong Pain Killers

I'd started taking tablets at the age of 16.  My mother did so I thought that cause she did, there was no harm in me taking tablets.  I had a terrible childhood too so that hasn't helped.  

I have taken so many that it would take me all day to write them down.  The longest addiction was valium.  I'd started taking valium at the age of 23  not long after I was raped (the first time) I am now 39..  Over the years the amount increased until I was taking up to 6 to 9 of 5 milligram tablets per day.  (I thought that I would never of been able to stop taking them).  It's been about a year near.  I did have one a few weeks ago though.  It didn't happen over night before that year though.  Off and on.  But I did keep on with my pain killers.  It was if I didn't have a valium it would be a pain killer.  (the ones with codien and calmative).  I've been taking them constantly.  Whenever I feel down.  I have a pain killer.  When ever I feel angry, I have a pain killer.  It's a killer cycle.  Anyway, It's my 3rd day without the painkillers.

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try a meeting. it works if you work it

your coming off pain killers? Not benzo's?<br />
you need to see a doctor, or go to a treatment center, or call and talk to one of their counselors.

I know all about addiction my friend... I am addicted to coffee and cigarettes... that's enough for me!