I Wrote This Becouse I Can ...choice Is Life!!!

I hope this strikes a chord or two.. love and strength

today I'm down, those of you who see a smile

In what I write will certainly see the raw pain and sadness that fills my lungs each time I breath ,
the tears that wash away the very words that heal ,
stalked by my hunger for experiences far and distant from the chaotic intense but now seemingly mundane ,

intoxicants blur light and sound
but fail to hide my truths ,
the innocence that came to pass yes died within my youth,
that day I stood before gods gates with hope beneath times sands ,
and took a leap of less than faith as angels grasped at my closed hands
i fell admits the deepest place where light evades all land,
and found myself a wash with shame
as life became just plans ,

then came a place where i could fall  no more
where a silence as thick as tar,
it rose up from beneath me
binding me to my very marrow,

surprised that I'm still there
too far gone to feel dispare
somehow in me a flame ignites
it sears my soul then gives me light
no star has ever burnt so bright,

the walls about me start to fold
as heat replaces bitter cold
i now see all the things Ive lost
and realize just what they've cost
the seeds of truth are here to grow
and deeper sits the grains we sow
till Forrest's rage with us below
protected whilst they thrive and grow
until the day life lets you know you nearly died
but didn't know


eyecanbee1 eyecanbee1
36-40, M
3 Responses Feb 22, 2009

thanx did all the research 1n the 80s with my first band somehow landed the right way up ...with a partial memory of what it meant to be lost thinking about it is what pulld me out of a very real nose dive im good now but also i have the memories that i learnt from <br />
<br />
love n strength

I want to thank you for the friend request...I also struggle with addiction myself everyday. I'm sorry that you're having a hard time right now...I have been too lately, and mainly because I have been waiting quite a while to start my new job (that was an unforseen event), and it hit my family very hard financially. All I've done is worry myself sick, so lately I've been thinking how nice it would be just to escape from it all, ya know? But I know that it would only be a temporary release, and it would only make things worse. So what's going on with you? Why is it that you're wanting to use? I'm glad you reached out to your friends on EP - that shows how much you have grown in your addiction that you wrote your poem (which was great, by the way), and let us know what was going on with you, instead of letting it fester like an open wound inside of you, until eventually you went and used. You should be very proud of youself! If you need to talk, you can send me an email on my profile here at EP, ok? Take care, and have a good week,<br />