I Don't Stuggle!

Yes, I am diagnosed with Bipolar Depressed Severe with Psychotic Features anf add to this Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Acute Anxiety/Panic Disorder, and it all makes for an interesting day every day. Once you reach my age - 50 years- you start to get a bit wiser and insightful into what is going on, not always, but somewhat. I have learned to stear clear of poisonous peopleas best I can. I also try to get my arse outside in nature as many hours in the day as possible. I do not look to others or obtaining more stuff to make me happy. That is my responsibility. Sure there are people I cant stand to be around, but they are no more important than me or am I superior to them. I am responsible for my happiness and no one else. If someone is making me miserable, then why am I allowing this? It isnt for me to change others but for me to change who I am hanging around with. This is my opinion and what I know. There is more, but for now this will do! Look within for your peace, not outside yourself! Best advise ever! Kim (aunt Kim)
KrazyAuntKim KrazyAuntKim
46-50, F
1 Response Jan 6, 2013

"Look within for your peace, not outside yourself! " I do love that line,,, Thank you sweet Auntie Kim

I am so glad you have adopted me as your Aunt, Tee hee! It is so true..All our lives we are taught that others know so much more than us, but no one knows you like you do, No one knows your purpose but the spirit warrior that is within you Helden. There are clues that if you look for them in your life, and scattered like broken dreams on the path you have traveled up until now, you will find many treasures of insight! Damn! That should be a story, ya think? Kim