I sometimes struggle with day-to-day activity cos it just gets so hard and I don't really understand why. Things just become pointless and a waste of time, I struggled with school, now I'm strugleing to stay in college. It's just such a pain and feels so pointless but what can i do?
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Try 3 months compulsery army training.

just believe you can pull through.

I argee... Everything seems so demanding, a human can only do so much. WE'RE NOT ROBOTS! Sometimes i just want to go back to a simpler time.

I never had the opportunity to go to college when I was younger. I thought I had to have my family first. I finished college when I was in my forties. Since I started college late in life I was a nontraditional student. And love every minute of it! I hated school when I was younger, I can imagine having to deal with college right out of high school. But hang in there, It is better when you are young. Enjoy it. Embrace the experience.

I found my first year of college very hard, and I've probably failed my AS exams because I hardly went in and so I didn't get what my subjects were teaching. So basically I never bothered. It was mainly because of the relationship I was in at the time, making me feel really depressed. And getting out and over that was a great deal off my shoulders. I regret not doing well, but at least I have next year to catch up.<br />
To help me, I tried to take up a hobby and play guitar, and focus all my energy on that if I felt down or angry or anything. It's wierd cause I took everything out playing guitar and had the energy to do well in my last bit of college before I broke up for Summer.<br />
College is work, and work is never fun. Especially when I hated the people there too. But you have to think of what will come out of it. It's only another year right? :)