I Struggle With.....

omg!!!everyday i will struggle with my heart!!and I also struggle to be free from those silly , idiot people around me...and today felt wanna go to the beach far far away from the people i knoe...
i mean not suicide ofcorz..i won`t do that..i felt like my life is way to boring!!and i trap in bunglow house!! eventhough its big i still felt there is something still missing in my life!!!i donno why and why....
arrrggghhhh!!!help!!!help!!! can anyone make my life more colourful??coz i`m waiting for that~~~
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3 Responses Aug 8, 2007

3 months army training and wait till life really starts

go in a room and take a mirror with you and look in it what do you see?????let me explain you look in the mirror and your answer was me wrong look within the mirror and what do you see???? here let me help you ...you see person now look within the person and what do you see...a preson that is caring and pretty and don,t forget it,s you

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i can not really help but atleast give youa little push saying what i think will help. always stay alert on people and don't be open with them unless you know them really good and you think they are worth it.watch good moviesor just do things that you like like sports and stay nice to people, so one day a nice person will far for you and hopefully share the rest of his life with you..