Depressed, still finding out if I'm bipolar but I think so. Finding myself being sad and with low self-esteem all the time. Paranoid of everyone around me. Think people are out to hurt me. Both parents drink too much, especially mom. Had an abusive bf that used to beat me up and call me nasty things. My dad had a stroke last year, he didn't die, but his left mute and can't move half his body. Dog had to be put down.

Only light in my life is my twin sister and my girlfriend. Though sometimes it's difficult when people glare at me and my girlfriend for being, well.. Us. Makes me feel sad that people judge so easily. Makes me scared of being myself. I'm pansexual aswell and identify as genderfluid.

I've finally managed to scrape up some money so that me and my gf can live together in an apartment, but things are tough economically and sometimes even worse when I have episode of severe anxiety, panic attacks and lash out at my gf when I'm sad.

Right now I'm especially worried since we're running out of money and finding jobs is tough.
gekker gekker
26-30, F
Aug 22, 2014