Wats the Point

Wat is really the point?!?! everyday, more pain is dealt, then love is felt, (wasnt meant to rhyme), wats the point of gettin up in the morning, unless u intend to avoid all contact wit other humans. they only caus hurt. i figure that if i avoid every1, then ill be fine.
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4 Responses Aug 26, 2007

I think ur doing fine.

For some reason I read your posts and thought of R.E.M 'eveybody hurts'. What is the point in getting up in the morning? Well lets look at this logically, there is no universal 'point' to getting up and 'being', by sleeping, eating, breathing we are all just 'being', a piece of jigsaw that is part of the eco=system of the world. <br />
You have to stop looking for answers because there simply aren't any.<br />
We all hurt and get hurt by people and this truly shatters our world and then we question that world. But let me just say the world is HUGE and if their are approx 6,869,900,000 people on this planet, I am sure their are more people to make you happy then not :-). <br />
Think back to a time when you were hurt by someone and resite the strength you gained and the wiser you got from that experience, life really is about 'feeling' whether its pain or joy it's a state of 'living' which is truly spectacular in itself.

Guys you need to put yourself's out there in order to meet good people<br />
yeah your going to get hurt everyone does is part of life but there are<br />
good people out there that you may pump into when least expected!

Amen to that. I'm gunna do the same from now on. Avoid everyone. People never cared about my feelings anyhow. I've just spent too much time caring about everyone elses feelings. It's time to care about mine.