Whenever I Look In The Mirror All I've Ever Felt Is Disgust! At Myself

I've had my struggle with my body image for about thirteen years now. It started when i first got pregnant at seventeen, the weight piled on with being pregnant and after i had my baby was wen i realised, that i didnt like the way i looked anymore.  I used to look in my own mirror and feel disgusted with myself. Even worse when i went to try an item of clothing on in a clothes store. On several clothes shopping trips, i stood there and wanted to cry, cos i didn't like what was staring back at me in the mirror. Or the item of clothing looked great on the hanger and it was in fashion. But try it on me and it looks ridiclous.Getting pregnant 3 more times more  contributed to my struggle with my body image, it made me feel worse. But thirteen years on i am slowly  learning to accept myself for who i am .  
rlznrpjd6 rlznrpjd6
Jul 16, 2010