You Were Born Individual So Don't Die A Copy.

I never really had a problem with it until other girls in my year started talking about it. It didn't end there, they continued to talk about more and more and slowly became obsessed with the idea of it. They started exersizing more and finally they started dieting. As crazy as this may sound i thought that if they are all worrying about it maybe i should be worrying to. I fell for it and now am a guilty addict to complaing about my body image. I found three main things with my body. My fat inner thighs , my stomach and arms. Now i obsess just as much as they and have become even more self consious of my body. i don't like it and don't want it and want it to change. now.

I go to the gym frequently and as much as i have tried to eat less or at least healthier it doesn't work so im stuck with my body but will not stop trying to change it. And let me tell you the girls and school talking about it non-stop does not help me get over it but rather makes me think that i should be obsessing over it more and more.

Its not uncommon for most girls to talk about this , and for it to be one of the only things ( along with gossip and boys) that they talk about. And no matter what you tell them or what suggestions you give to them they will not stop. and it makes others feel like **** , espeically when i can tell you that the girls i know that talk about it do not have an ounce of fat on their bodies.
I have unfortunately become one these girls except for the fact that i do have fat on my body especailly my thighs!
one of my main problems right now is my body image and how other people see my body and let me tell you that is the answer most teen girls will give you when you ask what they are worrying about. Something does need to be done but what?
good luck for all you struggling girls and don't forget ( even if at the moment you may not be able to see it like me) that you are beautiful the way you are. You were born individual so don't die a copy.
kayla13 kayla13
18-21, F
Jul 20, 2010