I Have One Life And God Made Me Ugly

There's something worst than being fat
It's being ugly
Like f-f-f-f***ing ugly
People hate you
People judge you

Every birthday, i prayed
I begged, i cried
I go on all fours
I told God
I just wanted to be pretty

Days passed, years went
But I am stuck in this ugly body
I want to free my soul
I hate living in this ugly cage
that God gave me

I stared at other girls
Gorgeous hair flipping, thin, slender bodies
Perfectly-sculpted face
And thought
Just maybe, maybe...
God doesn't love me as much
fuglygirlonthebench fuglygirlonthebench 18-21, F 83 Responses Mar 11, 2011

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Don't let the perceptions of people define who you are. As you get older you will see looks are superficial. You can lose weight. But remember character is what shines through in the end....just say **** it. Present yourself as well as you can and grow. There are a lot of mean spirited people out there DO NOT let them **** with your head. Be strong, protect your heart!

Ugly comes from within. I don't care what you look like, it's your soul I'm!! No,I'm not the devil,just someone who is more interested in how people think,and behave,than how they look. Of course I'm not going to lie,a pretty face and a slim ankle can certainly turn my head,but no more so than a quick wit,and sincere heart. I'm not going to flatter you with flowery comments ,because..well, because I don't really know you. I do know that the only ugly people are those who have blackened souls,and care about no one,and feel nothing . Ugly is predjudice,descrimintion,cruelty,abuse,violence,hatred and contempt. Ugly is many things,but it's not a term to describe any person who has a heart and soul and feelings. You certainly seem to have all three,and therfore,without ever laying eyes on you,I can not imagine you ugly,and I imagine you might be the only one who does see yourself exactly that way. You're just looking about it all wrong,but don't feel alone.....most of us do.

I doubt you're that ugly. Not many people are even ugly at all. It's more about being clean. As long as you're clean and nice and are the best you, you can be.. you will find an amazing guy. I know it's hard but ignore the haters and do you. If you're worried about what everyone thinks all the time then you're never going to be able to live your life. Take it from me, my anxiety around people and always feeling judged has made me miserable.

yes,and u know, i just always wanted to be pretty. it's just a dream. :(

No, I wouldn't say I'm the worst but not the prettiest either, trust me.. I KNOW. I am older than you, trust me. I wish I was prettier too but just try and be the best you and don't get down.


why...u are impressed i look ugly?

I very much doubt that you are truly ugly. Even deformed people are seldom ugly. I think perhaps you are going through a depressing time in your life. A lost love I would guess and that has made you feel bad about yourself. It is amazing how a smile will change a persons look. Here is one for you.. :-)

thank you anoldfairy. you're too kind. but somehow, i can feel the lowest part of my life is bout to consume me again and i am afraid.

:( I am sorry you feel the way you do about yourself. I have no clue what you look like and could careless. What I read here is from a beautiful person. Someone who has a heart and cares so much. I wish I could help you see what I see and not worry so much about the exterior.

thank u.

You are so very welcome. :-)

I know you have lived in your body and looked at your face every day of your life, but, I don't think you have ever really looked at yourself and seen exactly how beautiful you really are. You look at others and think, I wish I looked like that. Have you thought, Change my hair style, maybe the color? Have you gone to a professional salon and asked a specialist, Teach me how to do my make-up for the best effect? Have you thought of a change in clothing style and color? Don't look at yourself in comparison to others. Look at yourself and consider yourself a blank canvas that you can create to look any way that you wish and make it so. You truly are a beautiful woman. You simply need to learn how to accept your beauty and express your beauty to the world. You are not ugly.

That's what wise people say. That's how I think when I am rational. But I am broken inside. Tired and depressed. I have tried everything I could. It's me. I am ugly. Sometimes, I have to stop making excuses but admit that I am really ugly and there's nothing else I could do about it.

I am sorry you feel that way. I wish I could say something to change your mind. I wish you love and happiness all the days of your life.

I so agree. I hate God

I never thought that I was anything to look at much either, but I gained a little confidence as I got older and dated more and more then more recently I noticed that I have gotten old somehow, it was like overnight! I swear I never noticed the changes much as they were happening. I just woke up one day and realized I had somehow traded what I had gotten used to for gray thinning hair, wrinkled skin with age spots and eczema, a pot belly with handles, loads of scars, I've lost all my teeth and my skin has turned so white that I practically glow in the dark, I used to be so tan!

Age and disease has taken it's toll, I don't know who that is looking back at me in the mirror anymore! So strange what time has done to my appearance! I can't help but think that it must have a lot to do with perception, because my children and my grandchildren seem to recognize me and are still generally happy to see me! Same with my animals, they all seem to understand that I'm still the same person they've come to know!
I've noticed something else too, a smile can really change how people act towards me and if I'm really honest I guess I do that with others too! I've often noticed that a simple smile can alter ones looks a great deal! Look around and see if you don't notice the same thing. Maybe, just maybe God loves us enough to challenge our perception and protect us from a life of wondering if others really like us for who we are and not because of how we look on the outside.
Put a smile on your face and see how others perceive you and act towards you. If nothing else it will make them wonder what your thinking!

God doesn't make ugly. Everyone is beautiful in someone's eyes.

No....God makes ugly, and when he does, it's so he can watch and laugh.

Well I guess that means he will start laughing at you when you turn 40.

He already had started laughing, as soon as I was born.

Its not him who laughs, its others. You misperceive things.


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I feel 4 u...the world has become so body conscious that its really gone Roman times, women with curves were considered sex symbols")

Personally I would be interested in meeting you, or at the very least, seeing a picture of you. Some of the most beautiful people I know of truly believe they are "fugly". I don't mean this to sound creepy or anything like that. You sound like my kind of lady after reading some of your stuff..... Just saying....

my stuff are all sad ones....i am wrecked. :(

Once again....not meaning to sound creepy, but I'm betting you are as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside.. You sound like you really need someone to give you a huge hug and prove to you that you really do matter a lot more than you think....

Not wrecked but artistic and unique. I had a friend that was born with a severe birth defect. There were times she wanted to be "beautiful" but for the most part had courage and confidence. She was so darned cute that everyone loved her. Don't down yourself. Love yourself. No one will love you like the love of God and self. I bet you are a very beautiful person.

I want to think that I am really unique. I guy once said that but he was a jerk and to him unique means lame/different from the norm/plain weird and disgusting. :(

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What some people find beautiful other people find ugly, its a personal taste. And what you see in magazines is the distorted view from a small group off people. Its just a pity that so many young people believe the nonsense that is written in them. beauty comes from the inside.
You have probably heard this a 100 times but it is true.
And even if outer beauty is not your strongest feature, concentrate on the talents you have.
You seem to have a talent for writing.
Think this over and start believing in yourself
I am sure there is a beautiful girl in there waiting to come out.

every girl is pretty on their on..

I hope for you that by now you'll have met, seen and can recognize who or what is ugly. Hollywood's two sex symbols got married and they broke-up the relationship. They both have the glamorous looks, body and life style that you seems to yearn for, but they got divorced. Then having not those outer things that you punish yourself for not having does not make you qualify as UGLY. What qualified them as ugly, that they would no longer want to be together is - Poor / Weak Character. If you continue on this journey then you'll allow ugliness to take you over then you will become UGLY. It feeds upon ungratefulness, poor values, deception, delusions and bitterness thus producing Weak Character - Being UGLY.

who are those sex symbols?

God loves you the way you are. He created you, and that makes you beautiful. Think about that.

I am going through some self-perception problems myself and I know how difficult it is to deal with.
Ok I have to admit I don't know if your's is a self-perception problem. If not, Great...
But for me, it used to bother me what other people think about me, because I am no looker myself.
I always wished I could be a little taller, or more buffed up you know to make up for my ugliness.
But over time I think I grew an armor. I think when you accept things for what they are, then other people accept you too.
I guess self acceptance is the first step.
Yes I have to deal with the fact that I wont be instantly liked and people are going to judge me, so for a while I tried to make up for it with arrogance. That didn't work because I am not an arrogant person by nature. Then somehow the arrogance got replaced with humility and peace and love over time. Because I saw people with more problems than me swinging it out of the park, and that was quite inspirational.
I still go back and forth however.
There are good days and bad days.
It takes just one offhanded comment in bad taste to put up my shields and go on the defensive.
It really hurts when these comments are from people who you think are your friends, but I have found that its very important to end toxic friendships and also the most difficult to get out of them.
I think looks are not important for a friendship. What matters is who the person is on the inside.
If we look at it logically, it's not in my control that I am less pretty than some people.
My guess and that is based on my experience so far is that I have to try hard and focus on my strengths.
So what if you are not as pretty as some people, you are here living your life and that's what matters.
You can't let what other people think bother you.
Its hard but you will have to try.
And lastly please have a look at the video of Lizzie Velasquez, whose story has been truly inspirational.
You might have watched it already, I don't know.

I am sorry if I have come across as an ***, and I know I can never truly understand what you feel, but I can do my best to empathize ...

You're really sweet and real. I think you are beautiful. Thanks.

Well, when I read your story, I really thought you are beautiful too....

God love you so he create you even though you are ugly or i am ugly it doesn't mean that God hates you neither me.
Life is short so lets just live life happily share with love and care,and stay healthy for sure beauty lies in the eyes not in the heart...Appreciate yourself of what you are cause you are precious to GOD,Family,friends and your soul mate...never feel shamed of what your friend treat or say forgive them they are innocent,one day or rather they will understand themselves.......Live and let live,forgive and forget.......

If only everyone thinks like you Andrew

They will if they are human beings

haven;t met nice people for years

then you need to visit India :)

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Fat doesn't make u ugly it's what's inside u that make people ugly please add

i am FREAKING HOT. i feel sorry for you ugly people. you have my deepest, warmest, heartfelt sympathy. :(

what is wrong with people like you , people needing some support and you trash them ! if i still believed in religion im sure you would have a special place in hell !

What is the matter with you?
Either you are trolling or you think making such snide,offhand, "Different from the crowd" comments make you cool.
Stop inflicting people with your "coolness".
Don't you have any empathy?
Can't you at least think twice before posting such drivel?

The enemy wants you to think that. God did not make anything ugly. You are beautiful and wonderfully made. You have to tell yourself and believe it, We cannot be all the same. There is a lot of beauty in you. It is there.

rly? lame. ooooo now i see. 56-60. Zzzzzz

I don't know why your being too judgeful of yourself.

Hey don't apologise. It breaks my heart what you went through and if I went through the exact same thing I don't think I could have overcome it. I wish I could give you a hug so I'd have to settle for a digital hug *digital hug* I'm sorry for what those ****** put you through it makes me so sad. The primary school I went to did a similar things. One I was only 2nd team Netball instead of first team because I didn't look "good enough" even though I was on 1st team level. The teachers and everybody else pawned on the most goodlooking people, they were the first teams, cheerleaders and prefects. Just because they were goodlooking and the teachers would make fun the ones who they deemed ugly. Like one guy who had a big head who they called "orange on a toothpick", another guy had a really big but and was teased mercilessly by almost everyone for it. Another girl was skinny not by choice but people made fun of her saying she was anorexic even though she had a disease. Another girl who looked strange not necessarily ugly but people called her ugly( let's call her loren*)and it got so bad at one point where a girl(let's call her jessica*) got everyone to write in Jessica's book why they didn't like Loren and Loren proceeded to tell, follow while shouting all the things written in it. There was another guy with long dangling limbs that people made fun of and compared him to a monkey. Etc.

Let me tell you the truth about how I see this and I might actually be right. Your parents are narcissists (If you don't know what it means please look it up or just ask me what I mean by it if you're still confused as to how I can call them that) Look up narcissistic parents and narcissistic friends. Your parents, acquaintances, senior girls, teachers are NARCISSISTIC ******. Okay you might have a big nose, but to call it a catcus? I know you believe it but that is pure exaggeration on her part even if your mom was serious. You'd have to be in the guineas world or magazine if your nose was that strange. You were a TEENAGER, one of the unfortunate ones to get really oily/pimple/acne skin (you weren't specific I'm just a guessing) They had no right to make fun of you like that seriously and that doctor..ugh.

I also go (last year) to an all girls school and I know how mean it can be. I'm grateful my school doesn't tolerate bullying like how yours did but it still happens even to me. There are narcissists but I'm happy there are just a few decent real people. I'm also a highly sensitive person, I cry easily so I know what its like for people to say those things to you and say "you're crying for nothing" They are speaking out of ignorance out of anything else. A few more questions. Were the schools you went to private schools? Do you live in an upclass area with upclass people? I'm not asking these questions for random I'm getting somewhere trust me. Now that you're out of school, how are people treating you? Is it any different? Worse or better than before? Then how so? I'm getting somewhere trust me.

I still don't think you're ugly though. You may have bad skin but that can be fixed, greasy hair that can be fixed, a big nose, So what? It doesn't mean you're ugly. But you've been absorbing what other people have told you for years I doubt you'll believe me but that's ok. I'm still rooting for you.

Look I'm not saying looks aren't important at all in this superficial world because they are. I was trying to point out really is important which are relationships and love because from your post you were putting a lot of emphasis on beauty, as if it were the one thing that would truly make your life better. But looks should only be important to an extent or it becomes bad for you. There was a time where I was highly insecure and I felt really ugly and I was thinking "If I looked prettier then I will have the confidence to attract/speak to the guys I like and be happier.'' Why? Because I was putting too much emphasis on good looks. I felt sooo ugly I thought nobody liked me even though there was a cute guy who liked me, which I realize now how OBVIOUS he was that he did but I was so insecure at the time I couldn't believe and see it because I was "soo ugly" and he had attractive beautiful girls throw themselves at him all the time. I was so insecure that I literally had a book where I wrote how ugly other people are and I was a master at making fun of other peoples flaws. (Like the burn book in Mean Girls) but now I see that was a manifestation of how I see myself. I'm not a good-looking girl by the worlds standard (okay more like the U.S.A), I'm between average and ugly (because some people do think I'm ugly, others don't but I don't ever believe myself to be ugly I just think I have ugly days) I do care about my appearance, doing my hair well, having good skin, the best body I can. Because it is important to me to look healthy and good For Myself. Obviously if I like a guy I'd do it for him to because that is natural. But I'm not believing being prettier will make you happier because I know from experience it really doesn't no matter how "great" beautiful peoples lives look. It's an illusion just like hollywood and it's actors. Get better jobs? Yes. Get better opportunities? Yes. More attention? Yes. Get paid more? Yes. Better relationships and love? Not even close. I now see through the illusion by reading, knowledge and experience. I'm not exactly happy with my looks either and I have pics where I'm like YIKES! My friends and family have laughed in front of me because I was so ugly in them or in real life. But now I'm learning to think "you know what I am attractive in my own way, I'm not exactly happy with my looks but who is? Or when I'm like "Yoh I'm so ugly" I push it aside in my mind and remember" I'm my own worse critic and I'm not so bad". It works because its true. People can see it, when you carry yourself with confidence and believe you're sexy including guys. Because I believe I'm cute now, I can get any guy I want I just have "bad days."

You are right not all beautiful people are a**holes and not all ugly people are the sweetest people on earth. Attractive people do get more opportunities and I hate that. I'm sorry about all those people who teased you, hurt and tortured you so much that the memory of it brings you to tears because of what they said. Also that people still sneer at you today. I can't help but think how UGLY and rotten those people are because they're that FUGLY. I'm not saying it to make you feel better but that is the truth, if that is how they try to make themselves feel better. I know how hard it is to not believe what people say about because they say it all the time. You want to know how to stay confident when people sneer at you all the time? Well I actually looked up how to be confident. I learned that the way people act rarely has anything to do with you. If people are saying you're nothing/ ugly/disgusting/sneer it's because they are insecure and the way the treat others is how they see themselves or the problems in their life acting out. Psychology helps my friend.

Remember I said earlier on people can see how you see yourself. Well that is because of body language. Those people sneer at you because they can see they have power over you to hurt you because you believe what people say about you easily.

Look the best you can. You don't have to be good-looking to look good. You will feel good, trust me, but after that stop believing those idiots please. People judge and hate me everyday but I tell myself, "They don't know jacksh*t about me, my friends and myself do, so they can go **** themselves''. Give the best you can then if people are still judgemental and sh*t it helps to think "If they can't handle me at my worst they certainly don't deserve me at my best."

Personally I don't think you're ugly. I know you're not ugly. You grew up with bitchy girls who succeeded in making you feel horrible and ugly and you didn't grow up with guys so you probably don't have great experiences with them that will say otherwise. Don't trust what other girls say you ugly or not. Those girly-girls you mentioned don't know jack about what guys find attractive and what they look for in a girl. I know because I've grown up with them my whole life and they tell me everything.

You said people have been tormenting and hurting you also people sneer at you. Just what did they say? Who are they? I need to know this. I know its painful to remember but I want to fully understand where you are coming from.

You sounded like you have been in this condition before and I am glad you made it through, you 'healed' yourself. I am not strong enough and it's hard to even tell myself that I look 'nice'. My looks give me shame and embarrassment.

Who are the people?
1. My parents
2. Random people my parents introduce me to
3. Acquaintances
4. Senior girls
5. Teachers

Ok, first of all no one had ever told me I was beautiful, except those annoying salesgirls in the malls that call you 'pretty' just so that you buy their stuffs. 2nd, I look ugly in pictures...i look really ugly,like seriously.So,I avoid taking photos and become a social outcast because people are like," why doesn't she want to take WHY???!" And I myself admit that I look truly ugly in photos sometimes I get depressed for months just looking at an ugly photo with all those goddamned pretty people next to me.

My problem is I am ugly but I am also vain. If I am ugly, and I don't give a damn on how I look, there wouldn't be a problem at all. Everything's rosy and good. But I desire to be pretty. I want to look pretty for this life which I am living. I have only one life for that matter. If I was, I would be able to embark on a journey that interest me, I have always,always wanted to join the fashion world but I gave up because of my lack of attributes. THAT make me sad. It's not always about boys. Yes, I don't get much attention from them but it doesn't make me as sad as not being able to do what I like and be who I want just because I am ugly.
It's a 'life' thingy, not a guy thingy.

My mom told me I was ugly when I was 9. She told me my nose looked like a cactus ( she's not joking, she's serious and she's like, " You see, your nose look like a cactus, your sister's look fine" ) I know it's one sentence, I could shrug it off and act as if nothing's happened,but I was hurt. My dad also told me how ugly I was with such bad skin and should start doing something before people judged me. That wasn't his exact words but it went something like that. And this happened all the time when I was a preteen.

My friends' parents like to compare me with their children and it depresses me yet I kept it all in. I have mothers,fathers, aunts, uncles of my so-called friends dishing about my height, my weight, my hair, my everything compared to their daughters. I admit what they said were somehow true but I was 10/11, for god's sake...would u do that to a small girl, crush her feelings and self-esteem? They think it's trivial and they probably think it's no biggie for them to say that but look at the adverse effects,10 years later and I could still pinpoint whatever they have said.
Once, a doctor even commented on my looks, my pores and my eyes and I was so mad at him, I cry all the way back in the car despite my fever. And guess what my dad said, " We spend so much money to take you to see the doctor and you're still so ungrateful like that. He just commented, so let him be! Why must you be so sensitive? If you are so sensitive,I have no idea how can you face the real world?" That's accurate...haih....I am crying while typing this, why can't my parents just support me for once, even though what was said about me was true.

I have eczema and my dad told everyone in public and I have to show everyone my scars, that made me insecure. It's not that my dad is a bad man or anything, my dad, my mom, they just don't understand my feelings. And I can't go into minute details, they are so many random people who commented about how sad/unlucky I am for looking like this.

Well my classmates since primary school are as vain, if not vainer than me. The prettiest girl is always chosen for everything, prefect, choir conductor, dancer, story teller, representative for sport house,representative for class, teachers' pet etc... you get what I mean...So it's kindda brutal. I am in an all-girls primary school and that's how people started commenting on each others looks. The ones that looked better have higher status,ie. they are respected, their views are taken into consideration, they have influence. All this when we were just kids,7-12 years old. It just seems ridiculous now to be vain at like 7?

A senior girl was talking to her friend in separate cubicles in the toilet. Her friend couldn't distinguish me and another girl,K. So, this senior girl told her friend that I am the uglier one. Like she just said it,straight up, like it's a hard cold fact. Unfortunately, I came into the toilet and was washing my hands at the sink and I heard their conversation. They were laughing out loud at the end of it. It may seem like a scene in a teen movie but it happened to me,real life scenario and there's no way I can tell you how I felt that very moment. I looked into my face, turned on the tap, and the senior girl asked," Who's out there?" and I just said my name and left. I was devastated from then, I didn't eat for days, didn't come out from my room, I hated myself for looking ugly. I didn't once blame them because what they said were so true, I was always the uglier one.

I was surrounded by vain girls again in high school and they take things to a higher level, rating girls based on their looks. Guys asked me why my legs are not skinny thin like models on ads? I was really upset by that. I don't really care if no guys liked me or something but please, I just feel suicidal every time anyone or just anybody commented on my looks, so please keep your thoughts as thoughts.

Teachers, primary school, told me to take more vitamin pills, I was 10/11 because my skin was bad. I had no idea why, it wasn't that bad but they make it seem as if I had make a mistake, a terrible one for not having perfect skin. My teachers commented about my looks in front of the whole class,saying that I have greasy hair etc. I can't remember but it was very mean. I cried in class, as expected.

I grew up seeing pretty people being loved, being cared for while I was treated harshly and mean just because I am ugly. So, I started thinking what makes me ugly, who makes me ugly....And it's down to genes, luck and God. It was not my fault, not my choice, yet I suffer the consequences. And it is natural to question,why,why me?

Just listed some 'big event'. There are many more minor ones. Sorry if it's long.

haha,sorry for those grammar mistakes,was too emotional. Hope you can make out what I am actually trying to say.

So if God made you more beautiful, how are people still not going to hate you or judge you still? Beautiful people are also judged and hated just as much as ugly people. Why? Because they are beautiful.

God is not kind of genie where just praying to him is going to get what you want. God doesn't concern Himself with looks because he reads what is in the heart. The heart is what matters to Him not your looks. He knows that what people really want and need and that is LOVE.

I know it sucks being ugly and it is very painful living believing you are ugly but ugliness is just perception, nothing more. Have you ever met a person who you thought really beautiful but they became ugly because of what that person was like, with all that ugliness (meanness, superficiality, judgementalness, self-absorbed, no empathy) inside them? Have you ever met a person who you once thought ugly who became absolutely beautiful to you because of how wonderfully kind, thoughtful and loving they were? Being beautiful isn't going to make your problems go away, it isn't going to guarantee you successful relationships. How many beautiful people you know who had happy lasting marriages or commitments? Happy families? Loyal loving friends? Because at the end of the day, it doesn't matter how beautiful you are, it is about how much you VALUE and LOVE yourself.

Most beautiful people are RIDDLED with insecurities- yes it obviously doesn't stop people from being attracted to them in masses but it's also why they relationships don't last long. Vanity, judgementalness, plastic surgeries, posing nude, jealousy, cheating, snoping, lying, fakeness, self-doubts, feeling worthless etc. They are just as insecure as us, who also feel ugly and unattractive even if a lot of people are pursuing and telling them how beautiful and handsome s/he is (is s/he crazy! What is s/he talking about??!! ) In the end of the day it isn't how beautiful you are it is about your RELATIONSHIP WITH PEOPLE that makes you truly beautiful and truly, truly happy.

LOVE is the gist of life, what makes you feel valuable or not. Whether you have a life of meaning or not which depends whether you have successful relationships or not. I can't tell you how many times I went for a hot guy only to find out how incredibly boring, uninteresting, shallow, selfish, vain, insecure (Insecure men are the worst men to DATE trust me, they're the ones that abuse you, cheat on you, jealous, can't provide and can't give the love you deserve and need). A lot of them are not smart or funny and I promise you, they're looks get boring VERY FAST, the same apples to beautiful girls/women. How many beautiful people only date beautiful people? Most of them stick with an average/ugly guy/girl then people try to figure out, "How THE HELL is he/she with HIM/HER!" Well maybe because that person is intelligent, funny, smart, kind, unique, spontaneous, fun, great company, intriguing, understanding, cool, relaxed, thoughtful, non-judgemental, honest, real etc. The range of good qualities people possess OUTSIDE of looks. The things that actually matter, not something you're just born with and fades away as you grow older. Maybe because that person makes them feel like the most SPECIAL, BEAUTIFUL and VALUBLE person on the planet regardless of how they feel they do look and about themselves?

Let me tell you a fact of life. God LOVES YOU SO MUCH IT HURTS. When he created you he was like, "Wow she is so beautifully and wonderfully made!'' Everyday He wants to lavish you with His love but you're thinking "I'm so ugly please will you make me more beautiful, how can you love me I'm so ugly you made these other girls with perfect hair, lips, bodies etc. Why haven't you made me just as perfect as them?" You are seeing all theses imperfections in yourself but all he sees is how unique and beautiful you are! There's nothing to fix with Him so why would he? Because you believe all the lies of the media and it's perception of beauty? That is slammed down everybodies throat so much that we can't recognise how much we conform to it? And believe that is TRULY WHAT BEAUTY IS? Not just a perception of old slimy men in suits who advertise it? Having a flat butt used to be attractive now having a round butt is in. Being skinny used to be attractive now it's being curvy etc etc. I can go on and on. A few years later people are going to be like "what was the big deal''? Seriously remember how women wanted to have super small waists and now when we see it people are like "are they crazy?'' How in the 50s men went crazy for Marilyn Manroe and everybody now is like "what is the big deal with her? She wasn't THAT pretty?" A few years down the line people going to be like "what is wrong with them, what's so attractive about having silicon in your boobs and looking like two ball were inserted in it? Fat girls are ugly? What? They are so beautiful? You should be getting the point now. So please work on your body image and stop with the jealousy, that's what makes a person really ugly. Work on your insecurities What's important is being healthy in every aspect in your life. Physically, emotionally, spiritually and relationship wise.

Yeah, I do agree with what you say. Thank you for the long post. This was written years ago, but I will not deny that I do still feel unhappy about my looks.

What I wrote was a rant, a feeling of dissatisfaction and sadness. The feeling of losing out, the feeling of insecurity/low self-esteem. Those feelings will not exist if I look better. I will like myself more, be more fearless and it will sure open a lot of opportunities that had been denied of me all these years.

Looks may seem trivial to some. But it is a big deal to many. Your look defines you. Your looks are what people see every day, associate you with, remember you by.

Not all pretty people have bad attitudes,not all ugly people have amazing ones. I feel I have a fairly good attitude and what I need is just to look beautiful.

Because of my ugliness, I have been tormented,yes,emotionally. And it was very hurtful. I cry every time those mean events cross my mind. Looks are very much important, although you may deny it, you must ask yourself will looking a little bit better make you happy?If you want to lie and say no, do mutilate your own face and snap a picture and post to the world, " I am beautiful!" because apparently to you, it's only the personality that counts.

Come on, this is reality,looking ugly will never put you ahead of others even though you are the kindest, friendlist (insert positive trait) person around. Looks sell.

Don't tell me you have never been conscious about your weight or even cared how your hair looked like. You make it all sound so insignificant. Why don't you try to go to work and do your daily business without combing your hair or anything related to looks for a month. Destroy the mirrors in your house, if looks aren't important. I would love to see how far you can get if you don't put any effort into looks.

I didn't mention that fat girls are ugly.But if I am fat, I think I am ugly and I look ugly. I don't judge others.

I know you're trying to pass down a positive message but how to be confident when people sneer at you all the time? You tell me, my dear....

yes,I agree. But not anyone can understand and appreciate u as u are.

My parents are divorced, my mom is by no means overweight but my dad is now married to a very overweight woman who got eczema and she's very lazy.
My point here is; Your looks don't matter. What matters is your inside, you may be lazy, uggly in your opinion and have lots of troubles but there'll still be someone who loves you dearly and all you'll need to do for that person is to be there for them, pour your love over them and you'll get it all back.
Everyone got different tastes, there'll always be someone who find you attractive. Besides, there's tons of people who find overweight as an attractive aspect. Of course, if you don't want to be overweight, work for it. But don't expect to lose it all in one week. It takes time, a lot of time and efforts, it won't lose itself.
However, most important is that you yourself accept yourself as you are.

lol...i am not overweight, just ugly my dear...

But my point has still been delivered. You may see yourself as uggly but there'll always be someone who find you very attractive. I guarantee you that, I promise!
I value heart way more than looks.

i will wait for that one person...if he does not exist, will come and find u and then u give me an answer. deal?

Hahaha deal deal ;D

lol...just joking btw...keep ur fingers crossed for me and i will do it for u and everyone else in the same boat.

haha ;D Of course I'll keep my fingers crossed, that's should be taken for granted xD

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I believe most of us can relate several personal experiences while reading your work. I myself am very confused about the same. But one thing I understood from long time experimenting is that there is some place where will feel, we belong to. Its just the matter of exploring it out.Loving a person for the inner beauty mambo jumbo is just total crap or that's what I too came to understand from my experiences. Being a guy, I have seen gorgeous girls fall hunks who turns out to be total jerks and blah blah blah,.. I tweaked myself to try and get my "inner beauty" ON, but alas, the girl always go for the next hunk just to experience the same things all over again.Well, my point is there are a lot of things that one could do with life. Finding love is just one part of it. Of course it is important but it is not the only thing. I decided to find out something to be passionate about and enjoy doing it. I also experimented my looks with several styles to find which suites me more. I work out to get my body in shape. Anyone could get into a decent shape with a good, regular workout. The face, well cant be changed or tweaked much naturally. But well, I just accepted it. My motto is to : Explore life and its possibilities.

but i want a pretty face...i want it so badly

That's how I feel I go to a school called manor and I'm in yr 6 now some people left my school and went gateway academy (which school I hate) and I'm still getting bullied. All the way from reception going up to yr 6. My ex boyfriend (blake) is now hanging out with my friend Isobel and I think they go out. But I wunna go out with him but he says no. This makes me feel lonley and I have basically no friends at all. Only Isobel but she don't really care about me anymore. Because blake and Isobel started a club and now their writing and drawing poems which I want to join in but I can't because my mum won't let me. I hate my life so much and I want to start over.i get called bun (ugly) and fat and every time I hear them words I gat depressed. I'm really dumb and everyone has to spread it which makes me feel upset. Please can you help me?????

How can I help, dear when I was exactly in the same situation. I was helpless, hopeless. There was nothing I could do to cheer myself up. I want that pretty face, I want that awesome body but it isn't mine. And people used to call my calves 'chicken thighs' cz they are not model-like thin. I have been living with girls that analysed every part of u and u have to be a supermodel to gain their praises....

okay all you nice looking people making comments about it how you see yourself and blah blah
Go to a site like meet me and put up a photo of someone you think is not attractive and then wait and see how many people even talk to you don't change the photo but tell everybody I see myself as pretty and then wait and see how many people don't talk to you and then come back and tell us how beautiful we should feel!


Lol, fuglygirlonthebench. know I know Iam really late for this but idc. Reading through your comments and responses to other people made me realize that your kind of a ****. No offence or anything but, if ya want people to like you then ya kinda gotta be nice to other people... The way you see yourself reflects on your face/physical appearance and thats how people see you as. Like legit. Theres even a youtube vid on it. Anyways, Im still in high school so I dont know very much either but sounds like your in high school too. So obvs your not done maturing, your still changing and sculpting. So this is what I do, I know im not attractive and im tired of it. So I pray about ALL THE TIME and I have all the faith in the world in God that he will help me get through this and make me gorgeous because he loves me and there is no reason why not. People say that he wont change you but how the hell would they know?? He God for goodness sakes!! Like he can do whatever the **** he wants. And Im not rude to other people and I still interact with them even though my body and mind scream for me to crawl under some sheets and never come out. But I do it anyways because the people that judge me; Im just gonna prove them wrong, and shock them when I turn beautiful. P.s I still want to die but I dunno, you only live once so better not spoil it by being depressed all the time.

Hello, I am way past high school, you are the one not maturing not to realise that. And u want me to be nice to people who tormented me and make me feel worthless... Please try to understand others before making judgement on them. You don't know me and you are immature for judging me based on comments.