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I Have One Life And God Made Me Ugly

It sucks being ugly
Like f-ing ugly
People hate you
People judge you

Every birthday, i prayed
I begged, i cried
I go on all fours
I told God
I just wanted to be pretty

Days passed, years went
But I am stuck in this ugly body
I want to free my soul
I hate living in this ugly cage
that God gave me

I stared at other girls
Gorgeous hair flipping, thin, slender bodies
Perfectly-sculpted face
And thought
Just maybe, maybe...
God doesn't love me as much
fuglygirlonthebench fuglygirlonthebench 22-25, F 122 Responses Mar 11, 2011

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Not true, God does love you more than you will ever know or understand. Ugly Is just another term for different face. I go through this everyday with myself, I struggle deeply to love an accept myself but it's hard. I haft to literally just say **** it, an not going to lie it has made me a bitter arrogant ******* but in a way people respect me a lil more an get outta my way cuz all the bullying an anger that I held within has made an impulsive person, like in a sense to where someone looked at me wrong I wanted to rip their effin jugular out, buuuut I can't do that or else I'll go to jail lol. I know I'm ugly as **** n im rly small n skinny, have a skinny face n semi big nose, no one takes me seriously n I get treated differently as opposed to someone good looking who says the same funny thing I do an they get all the laughs n I get ignored. Idk if this has helped but really you need to put on a "shield/front" cuss a lil more be more aggressive n let people know u own the ****** floor n they need to back off before you make them back me I'm a hothead n I hate mean rude people so I give it right back an I intensify it by 100. Pretty much being nice while being "ugly" will not help you unless you get into some church groups or at home jobs. So be a jerk n b snotty, can't hurt your face more than what damage you think you already have.

don't be so tough on uerself.... Noone is perfect, believe me...!

Physical beauty is just that! Physical. Inner beauty is what's important!

...if you ever need to talk, leave a message - I've never had issues that you've experienced, but I've 'looked in' from the outside and felt the pain that people have because of a disability, looks, mental health etc etc

??? I just looked at your pic and you look GREAT..??

You are a beautiful person. God looks at your heart not your features. I am trying to get over the same thing you are going through.

I'd be willing to bet you aren't as bad as you think you are. You are your own worst enemy

Hey, God loves you so much that he gave you a chance to live with him in eternity if you only accept him through his son Jesus Christ. Who in fact died on the cross for yours and mine sins. If that is not love i dont know what is. And to be fair The way we come up is through our genetics, we all look like our parents and i am sure you love your parents dont you :) i am sure they look nice and so do you!

Where are you from ?

You know, it's not just physical features that make a girl pretty. For some of us, it's the entire package that radiates true beauty and has appeal. Who you are, what you think and feel, the way you carry yourself and treat others. Ball that all up and put it in any display case, and THAT is a beautiful young woman. The fact that you feel so deeply about this, only shows that you're a tender girl with a caring soul. And please, I implore you, KNOW that there IS a guy out there that sees you as the brightest star in his universe. He's out there looking for you, keep an eye out for him too. He'll make you feel like a princess when you see how beautiful you are in his eyes. K?
-hugs to you sweetie
Btw, if you ever need to chat or vent, I've got big ears to listen with rather well. :)

bbw the second b is beautiful


big beautiful woman . bbw

ok...i am not fat. just ugly. thanks

oh sorry, missed that.

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Be yourself. No one else can do it for you/

I'm 51, never had a date, always judged a geek or nerd just because I wear glasses....women putting me down day after day and still they do it today. They see me as weak because I'm not a huge mound of muscle, even though I'm athletic and study martial arts and in rather great shape for a 51 year old.I'm not flabby or sagging, not weak and still I'm judged as being weak and unable to defend myself or others....WHY? because I wear glasses.......I'm also deemed ugly for the same reason....glasses......they say "there's some one for everyone...." Well you can't prove that by me.......If that is God's love for me,I sure don't wanting him hating me. How can a loving God allow anyone to remain single their whole life, to be ridiculed the way I am JUST because I wear glasses? Go figure.

I have body issues too. Though I know Im cute. I cant do anything about a small penis. Its almost 6 AND Kinda skinny. It sucks being the little one in the locker room. Wonder why Im always gettin laid. Just sucks that everyone knows its short and skinny. My ex told everyone its like a pencil. Im saving for enlargement surgery.

girls should be judged by men. they are always in generosity towards themselves.

I hate the word 'ugly'. There is something attractive about everyone.

Hey you should never feel like this way. Everybody was made in god's image. You should never judge someone based on appearances, what really counts is inner beauty, what sort of person you are. That's what's going to keep a lasting relationship, not skin deep beauty. You be true to yourself and try and be a better person everyday and that will show through.

I know. Bt is it wrong to wish that I am pretty?

No it's not wrong, but everybody is pretty in their own way. But your inner beauty will always come through once your outer beauty wears thin.

Wow - this is one hell of a statement - so sad that you feel like this - I hope you learn how to accept yourself for what you are. People who judge purely on appearances alone are themselves ugly. Every living person has the right to be on this planet regardless of how society says they should look. There are always going to be beautiful people but these are in the minority. Accept yourself and allow others to accept you for you. You will have qualities that others will need - just allow them to get in.

lol minority? i can just go shopping in the mall and see hundreds of gorgeous girls and just think, why am i not one of them. it's a crippling feeling.

Suppose I am in Scotland. If you think your bad you need to visit here

ok i

I know what you are feeling!

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add me up please....

I know this post is old, and I hope things have improved for you. I just wanted to say that you wrote my feelings about myself more beautifully than I ever could.

I would love to see a pic of you and tell you what I think ...if you would like my honest opinion...?

no its ok

Lol... you can't be that ugly then

Yeah. God hates me to. To late I learned, he who loves his lady, for she is fair, and pleasing to the eye. So loves himself, not her. Learn this early. Chances are your not so ugly as you think you are. Someday someone will find you beautiful. Until then, tell em all to go **** themselves. Their loss.

people say it's what is inside that matters & that is true; however, being pretty attracts others more easily, so being ugly does not help, with initial attraction. But there are ways around that. A sweet smile, a happy laugh, sparkle in the eyes, a surprise touch... I once knew a lady who was fairly "plain." She, though, had sparkling eyes and once looked at, required a double-take and then seeing her smile, hearing her voice made up for all the rest. She was flat-chested, not someone most men would look at, but when I looked at her, everyone else in the room disappeared. You could have paraded the most beautiful women in front of me, naked, and I would have said, excuse me as I made my way to be near her. She captured my heart with her eyes and laugh and her thoughts. Once lost within her eyes and holding her withing my arms, nothing else matters. So, don't give up. Someone will see you and who you are and respond with loving you and be lost within your heart. Being thankful to have found you.

Hi fuglygirlonthebench
God is an unwelcome guest at the feast of life imho. Tuck in and enjoy life.
Best wishes

Hey you, its not the outer appearance that matters anyway, that's only skin deep..its what's in the heart that matters, personality, and how someone treats others. A lot of women who look good on the outer appearance have A wicked ugly heart and mind, in my opinion that makes them ugly on the outside too, no matter how attractive they may look.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, cutie. <3

All struggle with body image. How bad could it be?

I am getting better.

oh how bad could it be? u think it's stupid but when u're in it u can go depressed over it.

Just remember that everyone gets old, and soon those girls will be ugly too. Who you are comes from the heart. I myself am ugly and I can't wait till i see all the people that got better genes then me shrivel up, and look like ****, so I can laugh at them and show them no remorse. Looks don't count.

message me

you r beautiful in heart..

Lots of guys, like me, like fat girls

i am not fat.just ugly.