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Constant Changes..

I'm constantly doing little things to improve my self image.  Some, are healthy while others, not so much...

I had stopped eating for a while.  I'd eat one meal a day just so I'd have enough energy to get through school.  I didn't really NEED to lose weight.  I was actually under weight to start off with.  The only reason I tried (and succeeded) losing weight was because I figured, "Well, I can afford to lose a few inches in my waist.  And the quickest way, just don't eat."  Every now and then, I still have the desire to just not eat, but I try to eat at least three meals a day...

One of my healthy improvements is just by either putting on my contacts or my glasses.  I can't really decide which I think looks better on me, but putting on my glasses or contacts changes my appearance completely!  I'll go about two months with my contacts, then switch to glasses for a few weeks..  Ironically, I only have pictures of me on EP with my glasses on...  I hardly EVER wear glasses.  I've taken a liking to them recently.

Then of course, there are the constant improvements..  Washing my face to keep it zit free, etc.  haha.

I just never seem satisfied.  Even after all of my little improvements.  :[
oliveoil2007 oliveoil2007 18-21, F 4 Responses Feb 15, 2008

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Your mind need an imprint, that it looks OK . Its not the body so much , when you can radiate certain vibe , the outer outlook its adjusting itself :)

Please oliveoil be careful my X wife ruined her health about the same age you are now by poor eating habits to lose wait.Ostioporosis (but she got to be a beauty queen once and to hear her talk thats all she did in High school)Be smart Be kind to youself theres plenty of other pain waiting for you out there.

even now, my boyfriend tells me i need to gain weight... haha at least now, i'm getting to a healthier state...

From your pictures, you look gorgeous. =) I don't see any reason to "fix" anything...