A Sideshow Attraction

Since my puberty, I'm constantly struggling with my body image. Unlike other boys', my body is just a random mess off feminine and masculine features.
My body shape is rather unmanly. My waist-hip ratio is about 0.75, and my shoulders aren't that broad either. If I had tight clothes on me, and you'd see only my silhouette you'd say I'm a woman. To mess up that image even more, I'm very hairy. My classmates always mocked, and teased me because of it. I stopped wearing shorts for years, because I was ashamed of my hairy legs.
I usually wear non-revealing, loose clothing, to conceal my figure. No wonder I hate going to the beach, and I never learned to swim either.
patrickgalloway patrickgalloway
22-25, M
Apr 30, 2011