Having Children Changes The Body

For those of you that have read my stories about being a nudist, it might seem odd that I would struggle with my body image, but I do. Having children can change the body and I have had three babies. One of those changes include stretchmark’s and I breast fed which changed my breasts a bit.

I was a young mother and my first was born when I was 19. During my first pregnancy, I gained a lot of weight and my daughter weighed 10 pounds and 5 ounces at birth. Of course I lost the weight right after birth, but the stretch marks remained. During breastfeeding it is common for the areolas to get larger. Mine were already large, so with breastfeeding they got even larger.

What changed my perspective on my body image was actually watching a woman in her 50's dance around a fire at a nudist event. Even with all her imperfections, she was beautiful and sexy. It gave me a whole new perspective on my own imperfections.

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This story could inspire me to embrace my post baby body. My son was breached for the last three months of my pregnancy and I have taken a sever toll because of that. My stomach is stretched sideways and Its hard to deal with. I'm embarrassed and I am seriously considering a tummy tuck. but I wish I could be free inside of me.

I really like this story because I am a woman in my 50's and I am struggling with a negative body image and shame because I had cosmetic surgery and have scars on my thighs. They look so ugly to me and unnatural so it is very hard to accept my body. I like hearing of a fifty year old woman dancing naked around the fire with all her imperfections and looking beautiful! It is really the spirit that makes one beautiful ... thats what I believe. Still I struggle to express that spirit myself and let my body scars and shame get me down. I want to be free of this and be like the woman in your story!! That is my new image for myself... thank you for sharing!

Right on! Anyone should be able to get up and dance around the fire a bit. (as long as they're careful about it!)<br />
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I'm afraid the Hollywood and advertising crowd have brain washed most of us into thinking a bit toward the absurd. People are people, although I think staying trim as possible is good for one health-wise.

My wife and I had two kids and yes her body changed, She had small breasts and they got larger that she liked, they also sagged abit that she did'nt like, She gained some weight through both preganancys and lost most of it. I rubbed her tummy and boobs with baby oil often while she was pregnant and I think that helped with the stretch marks.

First, I am not a trained nutritionist or a personal trainer so any suggestions I make are ba<x>sed upon my experience. I read a lot and I implement what I have read and learned into my life. People that put on weight after baby 'probably' have a bad diet. I will be the first one to confess, it is hard to take care of baby and eat correctly at the same time. My breasts got bigger and I did breast feed for six months. Once I stopped I dropped down to my "A" to A minus" cup. Then again, that is genetics. I was a health and fitness nut. I ran track at U of Wisconsin (880 yard dash), and prior to being pregnant, I ran six marathons. I had to curtail my training and raw food (practically vegan) in order to get pregnant. because I did not have a monthly visitor, it was like every three month visitor and my OB/GYN told me my body fat was too low. I wanted three or four of my own, but I had two children at once. It took about six months to take off the 'baby weight' because I stretch, run and do lots of cardiovascular exercises which I will admit, is hard unless your partner/husband/boyfriend does not lend a hand. Once again, peoples genetics are funny. My mom did not have large breasts, neither did my grandmother on Mom's side. Someone will probably look at my pics (which are public BTW) and say, "she must starve herself.' I don't really starve. I do not eat fried food. The meat I eat is broiled top down. I also do not eat any dairy (milk, eggs, cheese, butter) white sugar is a "No-No" as is alcohol. Everyone 'drools' at the curvy/busty model, but let me tell you, they have the genetics to look like that. Just like I have the genetics to look the way I do. You can't do too much about what you are born with. <br />
One of my students mother's came into my office (Parent /teacher conference) and told me "my husband won't make love to me because I'm fat). I had to tell her, she is better off without him. Conversely, I offered to help her with her diet and exercise routine. She has lost, to this time, 42 pounds and she feels better. Then again, that is her and no one else. Don't be 'trapped' into 'what you SHOULD look like." If a guy is that shallow, then I propose he needs to change: NOT YOU!!!!!!!

Good for you for embracing your new, womanly figure. I have two kids and know all too well the changes your body goes through. I was a bit depressed about my body at first....not fitting into your old clothes can really make a girl's body image go down hill. But, I finally realized that I wasn't fat after having kids, I was just different....my hips were a bit wider, my breasts changed, etc. Clothes fit differently, but that doesn't mean you're no longer desirable. My boyfriend claims to like my body better now that he did before kids :)

it sounds like your husband doesn't have a problem...try to hang your hat on that and not focus on those little things that bother us. I read a story here once, wish I could find it, but it was a man saying how when men see a naked woman, they are NOT looking at cellulite (we all have it) or your belly roll....they're just thrilled to be seeing ****, ***, and *****. It's almost like tunnel vision. Plus, you can buy lingerie to cover the things you don't like, and accentuate the things you do :)

This is so true. ;)

I'm working on my self esteem and have body issues, and sometimes I wonder how come until this day I am not accepting myself the way I am I had my girl at very young age and still struggle when I look at myself in the mirror. I admire a confident woman who knows how to carry herself, personality is very important

Body Image is something most of us struggle with. We all have our quirks and disappointments. What we see in our mirrors is rarely what everyone else sees. Sometimes we expect more from ourselves than is really possible. We also forget that our beauty has more to do with who we are than how we look! True beauty is a mature woman, comfortable in her own skin and happy within herself!

I was really happy to see this post because this is definitely something I struggle with myself. I had both my girls young and breast fed them but the first was an emergency c-section which means a long scar along with the loose skin and stretch marks. It really cause me to be very self conscious. <br />
I have no issues with the rest of my body but my stomach, I do my best to keep it hidden at all times. <br />
Although those marks saved my first born I still cant bring myself to be comfortable with them. Hopefully in time that will come. :)

We all go through physical changes--some for the better, some for the worse. But it's what is inside that counts. True beauty, the beauty of the heart, should only increase over the years.