Anorexia And Me

i remember when i was in year 7 and this boy called me fat i laughed it off even tho it hurt me and then one summer someone who lived near me an adult said i was fat so i thought if i was fat id better lose some weight so i cut out crisps and junk food and i lost a few pounds and lost more and more weight and then people started noticing and then a couple of weeks ago i got told that im not well enough to go to school because i kept fainting and now i have lost more weight and my BMI is 15.3 the doctor told me that i should go into hospital and im going to an eating disorder hospital. i feel like my world is falling apart i hardly go out i rarely see my friends i feel like im trapped inside a fat suit i cant take off i feel really low i don't no what to do.
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2 Responses Mar 8, 2012

I know its not easy to do as I have been teased about my body image all my life. I'm 37yrs old and I struggle with my self worth to. You shouldnt let anyone and I mean ANYONE let you feel bad about what you look like. I know that Hollywood puts alot of preasure on looking thin and beautiful but beauty is in the persons personality. I have known alot of girls who on the outside look beautiful but have ugly personalitys. That boy and those adults were wrong for even saying that to you especially the adults who said it they should have known better! Words hurt and they hurt more when people mean them. You are better than that dont let some ******* make you feel anyless about yourself.

You are so wonderful for being strong enough to admit all of this . <br />
I think that the hospital will really help you :) It'll give you more energy and you won't get fat<br />
<br />
Do you work out?