Is This Weird?

I know I'm overweight. I'm a US size 16, 5'8". But sometimes, when I look in the mirror, I feel good about myself. Most of the time, actually. Like I'm not as big as I think I am. But I know I'm WAY overweight. It's such a weird predicament I'm in right now... Any one feel like this?
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4 Responses May 15, 2012

i feel the same! i feel like some days when i look in the mirror i look not skinny, but not big! but then there are those days when you look in the mirror and feel disgusting. or when you see yourself in pictures. i try reallyhard to eat good and exercise, but for some reason something keeps bringing me down. im stuck /: i know im pretty, but when im not fat!

I am a size 18 and its hard to look at myself, i think the same thing am i that big really no come on i amnot that big, but i look at pictures and i am like omg. well i am finally doing something about it, instead of aways saying ia m going to do something. ive tried everything to lose the weight and get to a size that is approptiate for me. I dont want to be THIN i just want to be just the right size that looks good on me and not have to second guess myself. I have struggled with this for many many years i am almost 30 now and i am finnally getting it that i need to get help and do whatever it takes to be healthy.

I know exactly how you feel! I'm a size 18 and when I look at myself in the mirror I don't think I look that big. But when I see myself in photos I look huge, and I wonder which view of me people see. But I like myself.

I wished more people were like you. People that do not like their bodies do not have a good self image about themselves. They get depressed and start spiraling downward. I think this is a good thing.