Why Did I Do It?

Last night, I shaved off my mustache that I've had since about 1980.  Now, I don't even recognize myself in the mirror.  I was thinking that it was making me look older than I am, but now my face just looks odd.  WHY did I do it?
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3 Responses May 20, 2012

Been there, done that, and didn't get anything but a cold upper lip. I had some say I looked much younger and some didn't even recognize me at first. Just as your mustache grew on your face you must grow into not having it. It takes a while.

Several people at work this week have said that I look younger than I did with the mustache. That was what I was aiming for even though I'm still not sure when I look in the mirror.

Because it was time for a change. Thirty + years with a catipiller perched over your lip is long enough. I'll bet you get some favorable reactions.