My Issue

I first started having body image issues when I was 13 during a week at a summer camp. I had a friend that was blond and amazing and very pretty I compared myself to her and started to hate myself endlessly, it got even worse when i spent a week with her for a summer vacation, the guys always liked her and wanted to get her number, they were only nice to me to get to her. That fall I started to cut myself as punishment for not being good enough. I seemed to get better after awhile and temporarily quit cutting then I started Boarding School in 2006 and i started to gain weight, not enough to really be noticed i also continued to cut myself. It wasn't till my senior year of high school that my weight gain was noticed, my sisters made mean comments, my sister-in-law commented and there were some people in school that called me" ghetto booty", one girl even refused to call me anything but "ghetto booty" . This was utterly humiliated, needless to say I didn't stop cutting as a personal punishment to myself. after I graduated highschool I started to lose weight. Im 21 years old im still being made fun of by my sisters for my weight gain and I still cut myself.
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18-21, F
1 Response May 20, 2012

The best part about weight gain is it can be lost. Even better about it is that when you lose it you are not only skinny and fit again, but you can also lord your will power over them.