I sometimes love how i look then others it makes me sick. in high school i was tan thin, and man i was hot! people would take pictures of me just to show others my looks. well that was 2003. ha! in 2006 i ended things with a very bad man i thought i loved. i went and saw picture of this girl with short hair. i rememeber saying i dont want to be tan blonde and fake i want to be me. i want to go back to my brown hair days and i want to love being me . so then just like that i had a pixie cut dark hair and i stop tanning. i got so much crap for cuting my hair and dying brown . it got to the point were i went blonde and still tan but still felt like poop my family even said my pretty days were over. now many years later i still have short hair i like it for the most part kept my hair blone for a safety net but i did give up tanning due to skin cancer. i have gained weight and i still cant look at my self. what can i do to change this?
poshcut poshcut
26-30, F
May 27, 2012