Droped 54kg's And Im Still Fat!!! (in My Mind)

When i got pregnant with my son i gained about 30kg, before that iwas overweigth. At my heaviest i was a 130kg give or take 2-3
In august 2009 i had enough and started low carb diet it worked and worked fast, in the begining i was losing up to 5-6kg a month, my avarage a week in 2years was 1.1kg a week. What i didnt count into the process was my skin. Its ruined. Im a 26 year old woman with an oatmeal tummy and im not my boobs biggest fan. I feel like all of my hard work has gone to waist because if my tummy wasnt so broken then i wold look alot diffrent, my whole tummy consists of skin and makes it look much bigger then it is. Im goingto have to have a major surgery to fix it, witch i cant really afford, mean while im looking at me and hateing me, i still feel like a whale. It sometimes takes me up to an hour just to get dressed, and sometimes i just dont go out at all. Its a shame all my hard work was for nothing, and just to make it all worse (with out braging) im a pretty woman.
bluelady1 bluelady1
26-30, F
Aug 2, 2012