They first insult hurled at me in a fight when I was younger was 'Your ugly, Your fat.' I was the chubbiest of my generation, Or at least I always felt like the chubbiest. I also felt like the ugliest. My girl cousins are so much prettier... I sincerely feel like I got the short end of the stick.

Depressing childhood... Lots of weight gain. Weight loss. Stretch marks... Scars from cutting. My body is a battlefield. Chubby face... I always felt like I wasn't proportioned correctly.

I want to love myself. I do, but it's nearly impossible with my standards...

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3 Responses Aug 7, 2012

U look pretty ...someday..somewhere we need to find that happiness and contentment in who we are :) People will talk coz they have nothing better but to criticize. Always remember people do that often to hide their own imperfections......

Imagine me being in perfect weight but a bad skin tone and short I will surely make you feel bad ...coz you have this beautiful skin and perfect height that I always how do I feel good........ahhh! let me talk about what you don't have and what I have. SADISM....

IT's hard to ignore people....but it's most important to love who you are...:):)

your sure looking good in your picture

dear..... body is not ugly. ugly is our vision. each person have some thing different and great from others. we should take care of it. never try to immitet others. be your self. be honest, be cool. life is precious. u have very cute face. just love yourself and u will realize u r more beautiful than others. come to our country. lot of people says it. u r superb. no one is great by birth but our work, our kindness give this status to us. focus on this area.